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Maytown understands just how important time is to your success in business. We keep you updated through every step of the production process so you have an accurate expectation of when your products will be ready.

Once you choose to work with us, we provide you with a dedicated project manager who will personally update you and help you oversee the production process. Our customization and quality are exceptional, and we guarantee high-end LED headlamps that will boost your profits.

Position Your Brand to Win

Maytown's quality headlamp and manufacturing services will give you an advantage over your competitors. We are one cohesive team dedicated to bringing you new products that perform well in the market. We begin with your input and direction, and then we apply our manufacturing know-how and expertise to get your product successfully to market collaboratively.

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Customized LED Headlamps

custom headlamps design
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25~1500 lumens
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Beam Distance

Spot beam, Wide beam
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IP Rating

IPX-4, or higher level
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lithium batteries, AAA batteries
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Based on different modes
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Light Control Dial

Deal with any situation easily
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Wide range styles available
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Flex Charge

USB recharging, or replaceable batteries
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The Maytown Team is the best team I have ever worked with in China. It's a great honor to be associated with Maytown. Doing business with them has been profitable for us, and they give us an edge over our competition.

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Purchasing Manager, U.S.

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LED Headlamps Manufacturer By Your Side

Maytown Specializes in Designing LED Headlamps

Because we understand the market, we design headlamps for a wide variety of customer needs and applications. By working closely with our team, you can implement improvements on your design early and before the production process begins.

Our design work is made easier because we have a competent R&D team capable of producing quality lumen headlights that boast intelligent control settings and modern technology.

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We're Serious About Headlamp and Flashlight Manufacturing

Because our workshops are well-equipped, we can produce 200,000 headlamps every month, so you don't have to worry about lag times when replenishing stock. At every step of production, we inspect quality so that our LED headlights are functional and well-designed.

We strictly follow BSCI and ISO9001 standards. Our operations are conducted safely and cleanly. We maintain excellent relationships with reliable raw material suppliers, and we deliver orders on time.

Attention to Detail on Materials, Parts, and Headlamps

  • Clean Appearance

    We do quality checks of every aspect of your design to ensure that the headlights meet your standards.
  • Reliable and Functional

    In addition to eliminating hazards and defects on our LED headlamps, we also guarantee that our parts are safe for use and will not short-circuit unexpectedly.
  • Professional Assembly and Packaging

    We routinely check the components of our headlamp flashlights to ensure there are no traces of dirt, scratches, or color discrepancies.
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LED Chip Processing
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Laser Printing
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PCB Board Assembly
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Quality Check