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Being one of the leading manufacturers of led flashlights & headlamps in China, Maytown makes different types of led flashlights with quality and durability.

01 Raw Material Selection

Aluminum is a type of raw material rod and tube that comes to mind. Because the led flashlight will have an anodized aluminum body, the first step is ensuring that the raw material meets the hardness and other requirements.

Once that's done, we start from scratch by milling the raw materials to create a basic flashlight prototype.

Raw Material Selection

02 Customized Torch Shape

The metal bar is put into a computerized machine where the basic shape of the flashlight is milled out. The machine trims down into the general condition of the flashlight. This is followed by a series of lathe operations to device the threads for the battery cap and head and create the bezel that will protect the lens.

This is usually very important for a high quality flashlight since it will need to be capable of resisting a lot of wear and tear. After the basic shape of the flashlight is milled out, we will start to work on the finer details of the design, including:

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    Milling out custom shapes for the head and tail cap
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    Machining any other custom features required for the procedure
Customized Torch Shape

03 Drilling the Flash light's interior

After the custom features have been machined, we will move on to drilling the interior of the flashlight. This creates the channels that house the:

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The process must be done precisely to ensure that the components fit snugly inside the flashlight. And the aluminum body must be cooled via a coolant to avoid overheating and warping.

Drilling the Flash light's interior

04 Cuts The Thread

Then, with a blade, a thread is cut on the torch neck, leaving a lens cover that may place over it. The thread is also cut on the other end of the flashlight, where the battery cap will screw on.

So totally, two lines need to be cut to complete the manufacturing process. The machine conveniently makes both cuts automatically.

Because an industry flashlight must have a strong and durable bezel, we will use high-quality metal to make the bezel. It also protects the frame from damage, ensuring it will last a long time.

Cuts The Thread

05 Protective Coating - Anodizing

After shaping and cutting, a protective coating is sprayed on the flashlight's inside and outside. This protects the flashlight from scratches, dents, and other damage. The layer also makes cleaning the flashlight easier, as it will be more resistant to dirt and grime.

Also, the anodized aluminum body will be given a final coating to protect it from corrosion. It can, however, be polished or buffed.

Protective Coating

06 Engraving the logo

This step is usually done with a laser machine.

After the logo has been engraved, we will move on to attaching the head and tail cap. The crown and tail cap are usually made of steel or Aluminum, depending on the design of the flashlight. They are then screwed onto the flashlight's body, ensuring they are tight so they don't come loose.

Engraving the logo

07 Wiring the Switch

The switch is usually made out of plastic or metal, depending on the design of the flashlight. It is then inserted into the flashlight's body and wired to the LED and driver.

The wiring process is done by hand, as it is a delicate process. Because of this, it's essential to have a skilled worker do the wiring.

Wiring the Switch

08 Battery Inclusion

The process of making a flashlight is now complete. We will now move on to inserting the batteries into the battery cap and screwing it onto the flashlight's body.

Once the batteries have been inserted, the flashlight is ready to use. Some tests will be done to check whether the light is working correctly. If it isn't, the flashlight will be returned to the inspection line to be fixed.

Battery Inclusion

09 Packaging

The manufacturer will then move on to finishing the body of the flashlight. It is done by adding a clip, lanyard, flashlight mount, or other attachments.

Then we put the flashlight into a box, and add any instructions or paperwork. The box is then sealed and shipped out to the customer.

Manufacturing a flashlight takes multi-steps to complete from beginning to end.

We Keep You Updated On Production

We Keep You Updated On Production

We welcome you to explore Maytown's modern manufacturing facilities and see how we operate and manufacture products to exact and high standards. You will also receive regular updates through every stage of the production process.

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Timely Updates

Your project manager will update you on production progress at regular intervals giving you the ability to implement changes when necessary.

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Manufacturing Process Notifications

Stay in the loop via your assigned project manager, who will notify you as milestones are met or if questions arise.

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We Take Your Comments Seriously

We strive for excellence when we produce your LED headlamps & flashlights, and this is why your feedback is important to us so that we succeed in making you a worthy product

From Flashlight Prototyping To Production

We source quality raw materials and accessories and are mindful of the cost and time spent on production. Once everything we need is in place, we develop a mold for the prototype design, which captures the final appearance of our products. This consistent attention to detail ensures functionality when we begin manufacturing parts.

BSCI & ISO9001 Certified Factory

BSCI & ISO9001 Certified Factory

Our facility and state-of-the-art equipment positively contribute to our products' professional appearance and function.

We use years of industry experience when developing new LED headlamps & flashlights. Every prototype detail is reviewed and scrutinized by our development team.

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    Flexible Molds
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    Quick Manufacturing Speed
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    Reasonable Pricing
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    Stable Structure and Design
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Our Attention To Detail Sets Us Apart

Attention To Detail

We have dedicated workshops that specialize in each area of the LED headlights and flashlights manufacturing process. Our team can produce multiple parts simultaneously for faster delivery times by dividing the work.

We screen and review the production process to maintain the quality and performance of our products.

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