Types Of LED Flashlights

Maytown supplies wholesale flashlights & headlamps to with a wide range of style for both outdoor and home use.

Your Design-Focused Partner.

Want to Design Attractive LED headlamps?

We offer well-designed and innovative rechargeable headlamp products that will sell profitably. Our R&D team has years of market experience and know-how for developing headlights. Maytown continues to be a market leader in LED light design and innovation.

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Stylish Designs Unique to Your Brand

We offer one-of-a-kind designs and private molds to protect your brand and its market.

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Functional design both inside and out

We approach our design work holistically. We design our products' interiors and exteriors with the same attention to detail to ensure the optimal performance of LED chips and PCB accessories.

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Experience On Materials Sourcing

We have extensive knowledge of all the materials we use and will assist you in selecting the best ones for light mode performance.

built to suit your market

Built to Suit Your Market

First, we take the time to study and understand your local market. Then, we identify the functions and features that your clients value and design your product accordingly.

rechargeable units

Rechargeable Units

Maytown headlamps come with a high capacity 18650 battery with an exceptional run time. Headlamps come equipped with USB-C charging ports for quick and convenient charging.

lighting performance

Superior Lighting Performance

Maytown offers excellent lumens efficiency with a higher CRI, and identifies the most suitable beam angle to achieve the best light performance.

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You Can Rely on Maytown BSCI-Certified Factories

Maytown has its manufacturing facilities (covering an area of 8,000 square meters) in Zhejiang, China. Our well-integrated supply chain allows us to work quickly and seamlessly to deliver products on time to our global clientele. We diligently manage all aspects of the LED headlamp manufacturing process. Our ethos is to provide timely service and affordable pricing so that our clients can be successful in their market.

The best material for every headlight

We have established relationships with trusted suppliers for LED chips, aluminum, and plastics. Because we maintain our strong supply chain relationships, we can get affordable pricing despite market fluctuations.

Complete control of the production process

When you work with us, you have discretion throughout the manufacturing process. You can rest assured that we maintain quality and standards for the entire manufacturing process.

Consistent quality and reliable supply

In addition to our modern machinery and manufacturing techniques, we have access to a stable and reliable supply of materials for our LED headlamps.

Thorough testing on finished headlights

We simulate harsh environments when we test the durability of our LED headlights to ensure that your lights work when you need them.

We anticipate and address your needs from early design work to final delivery.

understand your needs

We understand your market and your needs

2. design headlights

We design marketable LED headlights

create your design

Create your next fantastic design at the best possible price


Maintain your brand image by using our quality production facilities and materials


We help you create high-quality products within your budget


Get exclusive rights to sell unique products within your locality

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We approach headlamp design with our keen attention to detail and design. We can collaborate to create unique headlamp solutions and work as your long-term partner. We want to help you succeed.

We start by analyzing your local market and then define the functions and solutions that best suit your customers' needs. Assisted by our in-house R&D team and our modern facilities, we can help guarantee that your next headlight design project is a success.

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Let's work together to anticipate and meet your customers' expectations.

Developing a new headlight is easy when you work with Maytown.

  • Receive professional feedback within 12 hours
  • You can rely on our full-service capabilities
  • We offer affordable pricing
  • Get a fast prototype within 7 business days
  • Speedy delivery within 25-30 days

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