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Light bar headlamp features

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Led Light Bar Headlight Features

Maytown's light bar headlamps are lauded for their powerful illumination and sleek construction. To better see and be seen on your next adventure, you can personalize your light with unique mechanisms like spotlight mode and compatibility modes.

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5 Lighting modes, max output at 350 lumens.

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On/Off wave sensor, perfect for home repairs & handy work.

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230° Wide angle illumination, powered by COB & XPE LEDs.

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Adjustable headband, fit on any hard hat, and helmet.

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Rechargeable battery via USB Type-C, fully charged in 90 min.

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IPX4 waterproof & impact resistant, lightweight yet durable

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Trusted By World-Class Flashlight Brands

Maytown has assisted both large and small companies establish industry-leading benchmarks for their headlamp markets. Here are some of the companies we have worked with over the years.

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On-time Delivery

Source Light Bar Headlamps From A Qualified Factory

Maytown is a leading LED flashlight solutions provider. Since 2011, we have developed various specialized LED lighting products, including flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns. Our manufacturing facility has passed BSCI and ISO9001:2015, allowing us to sell products worldwide.

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Experienced engineers and designers in graphic design, product development, and production.
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We bring your product's packaging, structure, and other design ideas to life.
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The entire manufacturing process is ISO9001 compliant.
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We make sure there is no pitfall with bulk orders. Mass production with both in-house and external quality assurance teams.
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We provide a full supply chain service, from selecting the raw materials, checking samples, testing for certifications, mass production, inspecting products, and shipping them out.
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Striving To Improve The LED Lightbar Headlamp Quality

It can be challenging to decide on a set of lightbar headlamps from the seemingly endless options available on the market. Maytown's meticulous production process ensures that you will receive nothing but the highest quality products.

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Material Selection

  • Our lightbar headlamps showcase affordable components that have been tried and true throughout their production.
  • Highest possible quality of every headlamp part.
  • We source all raw materials from big brand companies.
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  • Top-notched workshop
  • Highly accurate CNC machinery
  • We design, create and modify molds with remarkable characteristics.
  • Free samples are always available before mass production.
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Certified Manufacturing

  • Self-owned led headlamp factory
  • Support your business from concepts to after-sales.
  • Quick turnaround time and high-quality production.
  • Following ISO 9001:2015 guidelines & PDCA Methodology (Plan, Do, Check, Act).
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OEM Headlamps

  • Wide range of headlamp category that suits your brand.
  • Acknowledged professionals in headlamp construction, design, branding, functionality, and more.
  • OEM and ODM services are always available to fit any custom printing demand.
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Quality Control

  • AQL 2.0 Standard
  • We produce goods under target market standards and can accommodate special requests.
  • To eliminate any possible risks and guarantee that everything is up to par, we offer client inspections and provide inspection documentation reports.
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Worldwide Delivery

  • We ship locally and internationally.
  • Fast delivery in 5-25 days, depending on the volume of orders.
  • Through full-circle supply chain services, we can address customers' speed, efficiency, and quality control requirements from medium-to high-volume production.

We Manufacture Different Types of Headlamps

Based on our professional experience, we guarantee to bring your headlamps OEM/ODM requests to life. Browse our led headlamps collection to understand better the different lighting solutions we can provide for you.

Flexible Output

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100 lumen
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200 lumen
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300 lumen
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400 lumen
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500 lumen
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600 lumen
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700 lumen
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1000 lumen
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1200 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
250 lumen
350 lumen
650 lumen
750 lumen
1600 lumen
1800 lumen
2500 lumen

Wide Custom Options

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Tactical headlamp
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Hyper tough headlamp
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Snap on headlamp

All-Around Head Torch Solution For

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Hard hat
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Skilled. Robust. Innovative.

For Superior Headlamps Solutions, Trust Maytown

We take great pleasure in adapting to the needs of our customers and collaborating with them to develop novel, comprehensive solutions. Our engineering skills allow us to create one-of-a-kind lightbar headlamps that can be tailored to your specifications.

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We adhere to a people-focused, ethical, efficient, and practical running mission.
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We continually strive for the highest quality and technical innovation standards.
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With our highly skilled staff, we can provide OEM and ODM services with dependable technical support.
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We engage in every stage of product development, from initial concept to delivery, and provide insightful feedback and recommendations.
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Our production facility is certified to ISO9001:2015 and amfori BSCI, with an in-house molding workshop and CNC Machining facilities to ensure superior products for our clients.
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Use beam light chamber, temperature & humidity chamber, vibration tester, stress viewer, and so on for testing.
amfori BSCIISO9001CERoHS Compliant
Maytown Headlamp Engineer

Table of Contents

How can I tell if a headlamp is durable?
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One of the most critical durability features to scrutinize in a headlamp is the ability to withstand water. Your headlamp should be water- and weather-resistant if you plan on using it while hiking, camping, or rafting in various environments.

For your headlamp's battery to survive being submerged in water without shorting out, the socket it sits in must be watertight. There is a potential danger from the electrical components, especially given that you are using a headlamp.

Waterproofing indicates a high-quality headlamp's construction, and models with an IPX4 rating or higher are recommended. Make your flashlights splash-proof by working with us.

Drop resistance is another design consideration for long life.

If a headlamp can survive a drop from 1.2 meters, that's a good indication that it can withstand drops from greater heights. Suppose a drop causes the headlamp to crack, the internal circuit to malfunction, or the batteries to fall out. In that case, it is not a durable option.
Which type of headlamp battery is best for you?
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For a wide variety of uses, people turn to headlamps for the convenience of having both hands free while still being able to glance clearly in the dark. Use a disposable or rechargeable battery, depending on your needs, to get the most out of your headlamp. Which is better depends entirely on the circumstances' specifics. If you're trying to decide between rechargeable and disposable, here are some things to keep in mind.


Power for both constant illumination and reactive illumination can be provided by rechargeable batteries when combined with appropriate electronics. The light output from a constant lighting fixture is relatively constant throughout its entire rated burn time. When the headlight senses that more or less light is needed, the REACTIVE LIGHTING feature takes over and makes the necessary adjustments automatically.

Due to their lack of specialized electronics, disposable batteries can only deliver standard lighting performance, with light output decreasing over time as the batteries run down.

Burn Time

The light from disposable batteries will gradually dim over time, although they last longer than rechargeable ones.

Rechargeable batteries typically have shorter run times but maintain a more consistent energy output until depletion, resulting in a steady amount of illumination until the power is suddenly cut.


Replacement with disposable batteries takes no time at all, and they can be purchased from essentially any store.

It's not always easy to find spare rechargeable batteries; even when you do, they might only be sold through the manufacturer's website.

Functional Simplicity

Replacement disposable batteries can be easily found and installed almost anywhere. Rechargeable batteries require both a power source and some time to charge fully.

Capable of Their Full Potential

Disposable batteries must be swapped out before they run out to use a headlamp at full power consistently. For prolonged use at full brightness, a headlamp powered by rechargeable batteries can be charged between uses.

Garbage Disposable batteries are thrown away after being used only once and then discarded. In terms of environmental impact, rechargeable batteries are a great option.


One of the many benefits of disposable batteries is their dependability. While not in use, a rechargeable battery will gradually lose its charge and could die.

Freezing Temperatures

Cold temperatures have a detrimental effect on the performance of disposable batteries. Cold temperatures are less of a problem for rechargeable batteries, especially lithium-ion ones.


To increase their power, most people buy multiple disposable batteries at once. Rechargeable batteries offer a more convenient compromise between power and weight because they can be both robust and compact.


Last but not least, your specific performance and application requirements are the only things that should guide your final decision between the two types of power sources. A rechargeable battery is the best option for heavy use. Use disposable batteries if you only need them occasionally. Look into getting a Maytown Lightbar headlamp, as it allows you to use either rechargeable or conventional batteries.
Types of Light Bar Headlamp Beam
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Flood Beam

When using a flood beam, the area in front of you is illuminated more broadly and with less intensity. Even though a flood beam isn't the best choice when you need to see far away, it's perfect for when you need to illuminate a wide area immediately in front of you.

Suitable for around-camp chores, fixing things, and reading without setting up a particular reading area. In most cases, a flood beam's illumination range will be limited.

Spot Beam

A narrow or concentrated beam is known as a "spot beam." Your peripheral vision will be severely limited, but you'll be able to see further in this light. This beam could be helpful if you're doing work in confined spaces but still need to see clearly and far away.

It is best suited for long-distance viewing thanks to its narrow beam. This is the superior option for finding your way along a path after dark.

Flood/Spot Beam

The most adaptable head torches can be adjusted to different angles.

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Why work with Maytown?
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LED Light Bar Manufacturer

Maytown has always placed a premium on the happiness of its clientele. Production methods, productivity, scalability, and manufacturing efficiency are all things we strive to enhance.


The flashlight & headlamp solutions offered by Maytown are both high-quality and cost-effective because they combine high-quality lighting with energy efficiency.

For nearly a decade, Maytown has been synonymous with forward-thinking ideas, exceptional quality, originality, and durability in both products and services.

Our services are flexible enough to meet your users' needs while staying focused on our overarching mission to improve people's lives and the world around us through high-quality illumination.

Comprehensive Industry Reach

Maytown, a major international supplier of LED light bars, allows its customers to experience the synergy between light and structure. As an industry pioneer, you can provide a wide selection of high-quality LED light bar luminaires and lighting control systems to businesses of all sizes.


We're keeping up with the ever-evolving LED light bar market by rapidly developing new product lines with cutting-edge technology. Our team works tirelessly to expand its knowledge base to ensure that we always have the most cutting-edge tools and knowledge at our disposal and can produce the highest quality LED headlamps.
I need advice on selecting a suitable headlamp for work.
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Headlamps are essential for many skilled workers, including architects, engineers, plumbers, and others, but different professionals have different requirements. Features such as water resistance, drop resistance, and general durability is crucial for working.

Another essential safety feature has a headlamp that fits under a hard hat. The Maytown Headlamp helps illuminate your hard hat, allowing you to see better and avoid fatalities. To prevent your headlamp from gradually sliding up your helmet, you can also buy clips to keep it in place.

Ease of use is the last major factor in selecting a headlamp for work. Your headlamp must be comfortable to wear without a helmet for extended periods.
What is the use of red light in a headlamp?
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You may have seen a red light on some headlamps and wondered what it was for. Besides being commonplace in photography darkrooms, red lights find use in military bunkers, submarines, other low-light workplaces, and even hunting.

Red light is preferable when working in the dark because it allows you to see what you're doing without causing discomfort to your eyes. Exposure to red light causes less dilation of the pupils than exposure to brighter white or yellow light.

It's similar to night vision in that it helps you see in low-light conditions without completely suppressing your eyes' ability to adapt. If you use a dimmer light, you are less likely to wake up anyone who may be sleeping nearby.

When they need a little more light by the campfire, outdoor enthusiasts frequently turn to the red light functions of their headlamps. Also, people can see at night in a communal tent without adjusting to the dark.

Red light provides better peripheral vision when used outside than a spot beam. It's an excellent choice for getting around your campground or the nearby area if you only need to go a short distance. At twilight's early or late hours, or when the moon is out, a small amount of red light can be used to improve visibility.

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