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Keychain Flashlight Manufacturer By Your Side

Maytown has been well-known in the industry since 2011 for the superiority of our custom creations and attentive support. Our extensive background in the market ensures that the LED keychain torches we create are of the highest possible quality.

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One of Maytown's keychain torches features is built-in USB charging. Users may keep their flashlight fueled up on the go by just plugging it into their portable charger.
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Compact and Lightweight

A compact and lightweight flashlight is convenient to carry around at all times. Maytown manufactures small keychain flashlights and mini flashlight keychains.
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The Size that Fits All

Mini led torches come in a variety of sizes. Consider whether or not a flashlight will interfere with how you usually carry by how well it fits into your current arrangement before ordering.

Wholesale Best Keychain Flashlight From Specialist

Your company's name will stick out in the market with our key ring torch. We've been reliably cranking out new and improved super-bright keychain torches.

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International standard-compliant

Internal certifications and standards such as CE, Rohs, etc., were completed. This ensures the safety and dependability of the keychain torch. Our focus on security makes it a fantastic item for retail.
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Wholesale Price Available

Whether you're looking for keychain flashlights at a dropping price or a wholesale price, Maytown is your go-to. We make cheap keychain flashlights without sacrificing quality.
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Made-To-Order Keyring lights

Several different tiny, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing colors are available for our key chain lights. The torches can be customized with your company's logo and other finer points.
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Customized Keyring Torches By Maytown

Choose a manufacturer that supports from sampling to after sales - a great way to boost the effectiveness of your company's marketing and branding efforts.

creative design

Creative Minds

A significant portion of our process entails the design stage. We consider your input all along the way as we craft each keychain light.

keychain flashlight components

Exceptional Quality Components

Heavy use determines a product's lifespan. Our flashlights have aluminum, stainless steel, and poly-nylon outer casings with custom-made rechargeable cartridges and O-rings.

keychain flashlight cnc machining

Accurate CNC Machining

Our personalized mould is built to the highest standards in the business. Send us a sample, or you can describe the look you're going for in more detail through an email.

keyring flashlight assembly

Consistent with Assembly Procedures

The in-house production SOP assisted us in streamlining our flashlight assembly procedure, and our manufacturing has been audited and certified as ISO9001:2005 and amfori BSCI compliant.

100% product inspection - Maytown

100% Product Inspection

Our flashlights are subject to rigorous quality control checks. Our flashlights are tested for proper operation before shipment.

Top to bottom service - Maytown

Top to Bottom Services

Our process includes a variety of steps, including the selection of raw materials, the analysis of samples, and the actual production of our flashlights.

Custom My LED Keychain Flashlight

We Bring Professional Keychain Light Business Options

As one of the best custom headlamps and led keychain light producers in China, Maytown can produce a wide selection of high-quality lighting products.

Best Lumens For Different Activities

Flexible Output

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100 lumen
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150 lumen
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250 lumen
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300 lumen
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500 lumen
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700 lumen
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1000 lumen
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2000 lumen
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4000 lumen
Customize your light output
High Quality Components

Branded LEDs


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XM-L2 U2 & U3
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Osram & Luminus LEDs

Various Power Sources Option

Battery Types

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

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Non-rechargeable batteries

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AA and AAA Alkaline batteries

Solar Panel

OEM Capabilities

Multiple Features

We make the best keychain light as per your needs:

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USB rechargeable
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Everyday carry
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Ultra bright
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Led Torch Light Production Facility

Our priority is to ensure that you are pleased with the goods you receive and that our partnership helps your company flourish.

From the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of finished items, We Maytown is incredibly meticulous. We employ trained professionals to oversee and audit each step of the keychain flashlight manufacturing process.

Learn the whole production process

Our Ordering Process

Get Instant Quote

Get the lowest price on your personalized keychain flashlight within 12 hours after submitting a quote request.

Verify Order Specifics

We verify the keychain torch samples, specifications, logo prints, shipping date, and packing details.

Mass Production

We launch our brisk production using modern equipment and a seasoned professional staff.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Our QC officer is available to meet with clients onsite so they can check their purchases before shipment.


Why Partner With Us

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and industry-leading, ground-breaking torch light solutions guarantee our clients a superior, more productive, and risk-free buying experience.

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    You can pick from a vast selection of cool and stylish keychain flashlights to get the one right for you.
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    We use sustainable resources. Material options for the keychain light include Aluminum Alloy, Hard Plastic, and ABS.
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    Fast shipping times. We can get your order to you promptly. We assure you of timely and secure shipment of your product.
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    We have a dedicated QA team who ensures the highest quality standards are met throughout the manufacturing process, allowing us to produce a wide range of led torches and headlamps.
Learn More About Us
maytown engineer

The Maytown Standard

We inspect every detail of the key ring torch before shipment to guarantee consistent quality.

Detailed Specifications

Optimal Lighting Options

Maytown supplies a variety of keychain flashlights, including USB rechargeable models, mini keychain flashlights, and EDC keychain flashlights. There's always a design for you.

flex moq

OEM/ODM Orders are Welcome

We are one of China's leading manufacturers of flashlights and headlamps. If you want a keyring flashlight with a particular design, we can provide it.

value for money

Start-Up Business Support

Maytown can support you at 1,000 pcs orders of custom keyring flashlights, which will be helpful for your new business. Receive it in 5 days, guaranteed for five full years.

precise manufacturing

Customers Come First

Our innovations, services, and products are created to satisfy our clients' demands. Get in touch with us if you have any requests.

fast delivery

Expert Staff to Assist You

All our staff members are highly skilled experts in their respective fields of lighting. Our staff will be available to offer expert guidance before and after a transaction.

5 year warranty

Established Management System

Our highly developed management system maintains the highest product and service standards.

Your Best Keychain Torches Wholesale Vendor

In addition to our custom branding and packaging options for your keychain flashlights project, we provide 100% manufacturing support with standard quality control procedures.

certificated manufacturing

For businesses of all sizes

Your go-to source for premium LED keychain flashlights, with a wide range of options across lumen output, beam range, and other features, and a commitment to satisfying customers in every way for the past 12 years.

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    Providing torches for various activities and professions
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    Commercially-minded design team
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    Customized manufacturer of ODM/OEM
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    Cheapest and best deals available at all times
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    Adequate follow-up care after the sale
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Quality Assurance - Maytown

Quality Assurance

Orders for high quantities of led torches and headlamps are developed using expertise gleaned from years in the business. Before we send out any products, our development team examines and evaluates them thoroughly. A rigorous quality management process is implemented for each product by standard practices.

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    Certified to ISO Quality Management System Standards, Version 2015
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    verified by amfori BSCI
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    Per RoHS standards
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    Procedure-based supply chain management
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Why Order Flashlights in Maytown

Our top executives constantly monitor the market from a commanding vantage point, allowing us to stay one step ahead of the competition. Our day-to-day operations, including ordering, supplying, and after-sales support, are significantly shortened due to our management being as straightforward.

Global Corporation

With 12 years of experience in brand management, research & development, and supply chain management, we became a reliable manufacturer behind top brands.

Inspection Report

Perform a preliminary check before starting production. A quality control officer will inspect the initial production situation and technical data.

Excellent Service

Before and after a purchase, we want to provide every customer with the information, assistance, and products they require.

Tailor-made Products

Our keychain torch light and headlamp solutions are completely customizable to meet the needs of each customer.

amfori BSCIISO9001CERoHS Compliant


What kind of flashlights do you have?
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Maytown manufactures led torches for different activities. Bike lights, tactical lights, everyday carry torches, led lanterns, camping lights, handheld torches, keychain flashlights, and many more are all available here.
Can you send me a free keychain torch sample?
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Yes! You can have a free key ring torch sample. But we ask that you cover the shipping cost upfront.
Do you have private molds for my flash light?
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Yes. To guarantee the highest level of precision in our machined components, we use cutting-edge CNC machining to design and build custom molds.

We promise that your prototype parts will be machined and manufactured precisely to your specifications.
When can I expect delivery?
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After we've received your purchase order and approval of your product specifications and samples, we immediately start working on your order. The typical delivery time is 25 days.
Do you have a warranty for your flashlights?
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Yes. Our led torches are guaranteed for 5 years. Any product that fails to function as expected due to an error on the manufacturer's part can be returned for a refund or replacement. Normal wear and tear, as well as damage from carelessness or mishandling, are not covered by the warranty.

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