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LED Running Headlamp Features

You can use our comprehensive guide for running headlamps for any purpose; we've got the best features for trail running, pavement running, and other outdoor pursuits like hiking and camping.

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Rechargeable solution for hours of nighttime running

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Long battery life in high-beam 500 lumens mode

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IPX4 Water-resistant

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Adjust brightness and beam distance

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Slim fit construction

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Headlamps and flashlights from Maytown are the best on the market. Production is built on our extensive industry knowledge and well-stocked supply chain. In a timely and cost-effective manner, we deliver your headlamps order.

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To help clients stand out, Maytown provides high-quality running headlamps at affordable prices.
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Our cutting-edge machinery and supplies, combined with our prompt and courteous service, allow us to fulfill every need of our customers.
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All-Around Lightweight Running Headlamp Solutions

Finding the best running headlamp from the seemingly infinite selection can be daunting. Because Maytown has such rigorous quality control measures, you can have confidence that your shipment will arrive undamaged.

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Superior Raw Material

  • Monitors the price inputs for headlights to keep material prices stable.
  • Our running headlamps are manufactured with low-cost, industry-standard parts, ensuring reliable illumination.
  • In-house raw material production
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  • You can describe your idea or provide a working model to evaluate.
  • Because of our CNC machining technology, each running headlamp you get will be of superb quality and precision.
  • Because of modern manufacturing techniques, molds can accommodate a wide range of sizes.
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Certified Manufacturing

  • ISO9001:2015 requirements and the PDCA cycle guide our work at every stage.
  • Precise, fast, and organized running headlamp assembly.
  • When it comes to mass production, we're more than capable of keeping on schedule.
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  • Guaranteed quality, every time.
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Guaranteed quality, every time.

  • Inspection reports are available upon request.
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The Various Bright Headtorches We Produce

You can use our running headlamps' versatile performance and features for various purposes. Get in touch with us today, and we'll help you design the perfect high-powered rechargeable running headlamp.

Flexible Output

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100 lumen
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200 lumen
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300 lumen
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400 lumen
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500 lumen
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600 lumen
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700 lumen
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1000 lumen
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1200 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
250 lumen
350 lumen
650 lumen
750 lumen
1600 lumen
1800 lumen
2500 lumen

Wide Custom Options

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Tactical headlamp
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Hyper tough headlamp
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Snap on headlamp
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Light bar headlamp

All-Around Head Torch Solution For

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Hard hat
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Since 2011, Maytown has spearheaded the LED flashlight and headlamp market. Light bars, hard hat lights, and trail running headlamps are just a few of the many innovative LED lighting tools that we've developed.

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Everything from the packaging to the structure to the designs you have in mind, we can make it come true.
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We employ internal and external quality control teams to mitigate potential issues with large orders and prioritize mass production.
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Every aspect of the supply chain is managed by us, from locating and procuring raw materials to conducting quality assurance checks on sample products.
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Table of Contents

What is the best headlamp for running?
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Running outside might be difficult if you have to get up at an ungodly hour or if you have to do it after work and miss the daylight. But running or walking in the dark can be a lot of fun with a good headlamp (and reflective gear, of course).

‍Read on for a quick rundown of some of the many great attributes of the Maytown running headlamps.

Best Running Headlamp Features

1. Bright and Sleek
2. Quick Fit Modification
3. 365-degree visibility
4. Cost Effective
5. Ultrarunners' Favorite
6. Water Resistance IPX4 at least
7. Motion Detection
8. Exceptionally Robust
9. Most Recent
10. Bright But Not Heavy

How Luminous?

Different types of illumination are needed for different running environments, such as when you're out on the open road under the full moon versus when you're out on the singletrack trails under dense tree cover.

Getting a headlamp that can produce at least 200 lumens is recommended when set to its brightest level.

The lumen is the standard measurement unit for a light source's intensity. The more the lumens of your lamp, the better it will be for trails and moonless evenings. Look for a light with more than simply low, medium, and high settings if you need it to work in various circumstances.

Automatic light adjustment is a nice feature of some lights; it comes in useful when you need to glance at your watch but don't want to blind yourself with the glare of the light from the surrounding environment (the light dims a bit). Some have fewer limitations and more manual adjusting options.

Various Lighting Options

A single, uniformly bright lamp will save you money over multiple bulbs. However, more sophisticated models come with a spotlight and a flood, so you can choose how much light you want to project.

The spotlight works wonderfully to illuminate the path ahead of you or a greater distance ahead. In contrast, a floodlight spreads its light, spraying it in all directions, making it easier to see around corners.

Burn Time

There is usually a trade-off between battery life and portability. It stands to reason that higher-capacity batteries will be physically larger. Extra weight and mass may not be a problem for other pursuits, but when running, they can cause irritating bounce.

The power pack of some models is integrated into the forehead lamp, whereas those with longer run times are attached to the rear headband.

For inexpensive nighttime strolls around the block, the former is adequate. On the other hand, if you're training for an ultramarathon that will keep you awake all night, the larger battery is the way to go.

Comparing Rechargeable and Single-Use Batteries

Everyone has a stash of micro USB charging cables. A similar feature is likely to be included in your next headlamp.

However, you might not have time to wait an hour or two for a rechargeable battery to power up when you need to leave the house.

If this describes you, it's probably best to buy a bunch of AA or AAA batteries and use a flashlight that takes them. Some headlamps can be powered by either AAA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack.
Reasons to Partner with Maytown
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Maytown is the best company to go with if you want high-quality LED running headlamps. Find out why.

Reputable Brands

Since its inception, Maytown has aimed to equip its customers with the know-how and resources necessary to complete any lighting project with the highest quality LED lighting possible. It can manufacture LED lights that meet the standards of the products you sell.


Whether for a home, business, or factory, Maytown has a wide selection of high-quality lighting options. If you're looking to place a large order, don't worry; we offer the same excellent service at wholesale costs.

Various Industries

Maytown's technological innovations and savvy business tactics have made it the only LED provider capable of providing the level of quality and service that we provide. Get in touch with us to determine which LED products suit your next business project.
How many Lumens for running headlamps?
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Sometimes, getting in a trail run for training requires getting up at an ungodly hour of the night or morning. Most nighttime trail runners do so because they are too busy during the day, prefer the cooler weather and shorter days of nighttime running, or have registered for a race that requires them to run in the dark.

The best times to enjoy the trails are first thing in the morning or last thing at night. The solitude and swift passage of time inherent to the trail's nighttime hours make them a welcome companion. The only essential item for a run at night is a headlamp or other source of light. Since so many different sports use them, consumers have many options.

Lumen output, wear and tear resistance, battery life, light quality, weight, and water resistance are all crucial features in a trail running headlamp. These aspects are essential in searching for a light to lead the way along the paths.

Lumens, which measure the amount of visible light emitted by a light source, are often mentioned in conversations about headlamps. The brightness output of headlamps can be as low as 30 and as high as 900+.

I will do some trail jogging; how many lumens should my headlamp have? Trail runners need a headlamp with a specific number of lumens, which varies with their intended speed and the type of terrain they'll be traversing. I suggest getting a headlamp with at least 200 to 300 lumens if you plan on doing a lot of trail jogging.

Headlamps for road running are more cost-effective because the terrain is typically flat and less complex, requiring fewer lumens. As a general rule, 40–50 lumens is all you need for safe nighttime jogging on the streets. You can quickly turn them down to a lower setting, so I wouldn't worry about using too many lumens, unlike in the woods. Longer battery life can be achieved by using headlamps on a lower setting.

There are some ways to illuminate a trail run. The traditional flashlight isn't the only option; there are chest and waist lights and knuckle lights. To better perceive depth, some people even use a combination of different lighting sources. Headlamps are often paired with more minor knuckle lights or flashlights.

Headlamps are fantastic because they allow you to keep both hands on the trail and still have access to light. They're simple to put on, and the controls for the lights are intuitive. As there are so many options for headlamps, it's not hard to find one with a brightness of 300 lumens or more that doesn't break the bank.

Various options mean that a headlamp's multiple features need to be considered. With so many options, picking the right set of capabilities can be challenging. Trail running headlamps should fit snugly and have a small amount of bounce. Many available headlamps are either too cumbersome to wear for long periods, too expensive, or do not produce bright enough light.
Guidelines for Buying LED Flood Lights
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If you want brilliant outside lighting but don't want to spend a fortune on pricey fixtures and a plethora of bulbs, flood lights, also known as security lights, are a great solution. Floodlights deter criminals and wild animals from approaching your property and allow you to enjoy your porch, basketball hoop, or swimming pool long after dark.

Selecting flood lights for your home might be a daunting task due to the abundance of models from which to choose. The right flood light for your home can be found once you have determined your lighting needs and researched the options available. Before making a purchase, keep in mind the following guidelines for floodlights:

Energy-Efficient and Long-lasting LEDs

Consider using light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs for your home's exterior if you seek the most cost-effective security lighting. Though initially more expensive than compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), LEDs ultimately save money because they use less energy and last longer. These bulbs last up to 50,000 hours (or 46 years) if used for 3 hours every day and maintained properly, and they use much less energy than fluorescent lights. LEDs also have instantaneous maximum brightness upon activating the switch or sensor, eliminating any waiting time.


There are three factors to remember when planning where to put your floodlights:
1. The bulbs should be angled down at a 22-degree downward slant so that the floodlights illuminate the target well without blinding anyone else in the area.

2. The light shouldn't shine directly toward a neighbour's house, which is annoying and potentially intrusive.

3. The floodlights should be installed at least 9 feet above the ground to protect against burns from touching the bulbs and other potential dangers the lights pose.

Movement Detection Devices

With a detection range of 180 degrees, infrared floodlights can detect any movement caused by the body's thermal emissions. The light can be left on for anywhere from one minute to ten minutes before being turned off automatically by the sensor. If the homeowner forgets to turn off the lights, this fantastic safety feature also helps them save money on utility bills.

Dawn to Dusk Lighting

If safety is your top priority, then dusk to dawn lighting is the way to go. When evening approaches, these security floodlights turn on, and when dawn arrives, they turn off again. You should be careful and ensure an all-night light would not annoy your neighbors if you decide to use this floodlight.

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