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Your go-to source for penlights, with everything you'll need to launch your led flashlight business! For wholesale, OEM/ODM, and cost-effective manufacturing, Maytown is the perfect manufacturer!


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Rigorous standards, comply with amfori BSCI & ISO9001:2015

Cutting-Edge Penlights By Maytown

Our company is devoted to supplying our clients and customers with cutting-edge flashlight solutions that offer unrivaled performance at an affordable price. We manufacture the best led torches for different activities:

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Brightest Penlights

Each of Maytown's penlights is constructed to produce an impressive amount of light for its compact size. Our penlights are the ideal pocket-sized lights to carry around all day so that you can access bright light whenever you need it.
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Finest Tactical Penlights

Our penlights are convenient, powerful, and lightweight. Having one of these compact lights on hand is incredibly useful for any profession that requires close-up visibility, including law enforcement, security, and the medical field.
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1000 Lumen Penlights

Maytown penlights are superior to other brands in output, durability, and lifespan. A powerful pen light from us can generate up to 1000 lumens. These durable lights can provide strong illumination and won't need to be replaced for years.
OEM slim flashlight supplier
Penlights wholesale vendor

Your Best Penlights Wholesale Vendor

Maytown's expertise in optical engineering and light manufacturing allows us to reliably meet the demands of new and well-established companies with lighting solutions that set the industry standard.

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Customer Focused

Maytown produces vanguard lighting products, but we value most the trusting relationships we forge with our customers. Our comprehensive services, adaptability, and meticulous attention to detail help our partners achieve their objectives.
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Rigorous Testing

We have established rigorous processes with backed accreditations to ensure that you always receive the best possible quality and performance from our products. Testing occurs before, during, and after production.
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Production and Delivery Under Quality Control

We place a high priority on customer satisfaction through quality testing management, which makes sure our products are ethical, dependable, and safe.

Partner with Maytown for Your Superb Penlight Brand

Our team specializes in producing high-quality penlights by integrating in-depth knowledge of the market with state-of-the-art R&D to develop innovative LED lighting systems and distinctively branded flashlight products.

free penlights sample

Free Sample Available

Before full production, we provide a free sample. This is done to guarantee that the finished product is perfect.

led lights components

Carefully Crafted Components

Each component is crafted from our proprietary materials. We put every part through a stringent screening process to ensure the highest quality and functionality.

custom made penlights for brands

100% Custom-Made For Your Brand

You can trust Maytown to make your ideas a reality. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to improve an existing design, our team of highly skilled engineers and designers is here to help.

CNC machining

Full-range CNC Machining

Our high-throughput, 100% uptime CNC machinery is the key to your speedy ROI. In addition to fulfilling bulk orders of customized flashlights for various sectors, our highly trained staff also offers excellent support long after sales.

excellent manufacturing

Excellent Manufacturing

We are ISO 9001:2015 and amfori BSCI certified. With these quality assurance certificates, rest assured that Maytown will go above and beyond in every way to guarantee your order's highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Prompt Shipping

Prompt Shipping

Quick turnaround times with top-notch products! Your flashlights can be delivered to you in just 5 days for bulk orders!

Custom My LED Penlights

The Best Penlight Manufacturer Fit For Your Brand

Over the past 12 years, Maytown has worked diligently to become a world leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality led flashlights. We guarantee that the torches we provide will be of the greatest quality.

High Quality Power Source

Branded LEDs


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XM-L2 U2 & U3
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Osram & Luminus LEDs

Various Power Sources Option

Battery Types

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

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Non-rechargeable batteries

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AA and AAA Alkaline batteries

Solar Panel

Our SOP for Our OEM/ODM Manufacturing

We provide a variety of equipment for testing, analyzing, and gauging the quality of items to provide objective data on their reliability and viability.

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    Material Selection
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    Tailored Torch Frame
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    Color Plating
  • check
    Brand Logo Engraving
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    Battery Test
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Learn the whole production process

Dependable Ordering Process

Request A Price

All quotes and suggestions are available within 12 hrs upon request.

Approve Your Specs.

Confirm all your order details (design, logo, shipping date, and packaging)

Mass Production

Once the order is confirmed, we begin production. No delays.

Quality Check

We have established comprehensive testing protocols to ensure you receive only the finest and most effective penlights.


Your Best Penlights Vendor

Our procedure has been effective across partner sizes and industries, from lean startups to large, well-established corporations.

Because of our status as a premier original ODM and OEM, we can handle everything from conceptualization to final delivery of your custom flashlight.

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    We bring concepts to fruition.
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    We only use the finest materials to guarantee the highest quality in every batch.
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    We can accommodate both large and small orders with short lead times.
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    We provide first-rate packaging, conceptualization, manufacturing, and delivery services, all backed by state-of-the-art technology and top-tier R&D.
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maytown engineer

The Maytown Standard

Everything from conceptualization to production to distribution is entirely under our wing. Before being shipped, we put each set of LED torches through a series of tests to ensure they are in great shape.

precise manufacturing


Maytown's constant research and development in lighting solutions for diverse industries allow them to create professional flashlight brands according to client specifications.

value for money

Strict Quality Compliance

Our factory follows rigorous quality assurance procedures and conforms to ANSI FL1 Standards, RoHS regulations, and CE certification. Plus,  ISO9001:2015 and amfori BSCI Verified facilities.

flex moq

Expertise & High-Tech Machinery

With over 12 years of combined research experience among our top researchers and cutting-edge machinery in the factory, we confidently stand by the superiority of our services.

fast delivery

Quick Shipping

Shipments to any country are readily available, and on-time delivery is assured. As for turnaround time, we can get orders out in 5 days.

Detailed Specifications

Customer Management

Our top-notch team with extensive industry experience guarantees first-rate service to every client. We ensure that timelines for all orders are communicated and managed consistently.

5 year warranty

Competitive Pricing

While Maytown products meet the highest quality standards, we are less expensive than competitors. We are still dedicated to providing customers with the highest-quality, finest items at the most affordable prices.

A+ Service From Concept to Brand Launch

We recognize that the most critical aspect of the OEM and ODM process is communicating effectively and developing a shared understanding of your brand, business objectives, and overall vision as we move forward together.

In-house Production

In-house Production

Our Chinese manufacturing facility is the nerve core for creating components and finished goods. Products are manufactured in our facility using cutting-edge machinery and rigorous quality assurance protocols to ensure your complete satisfaction. Here are some of our test machines:

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    Integrating sphere
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    Temperature and humidity chamber
  • check icon
    Key life test machine
  • check icon
    Drop test machine
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    X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometers
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Quality Assurance Commitment

Quality Assurance Commitment

Maytown ODM / OEM effectively manages every process phase, from design to manufacturing. We can easily and accurately implement the concepts and requirements of our clients into actual products. In addition, production will commence in our Chinese factory, which has been granted the following credentials:

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    Amfori BSCI Verified
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    ANSI FL1 Standards
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    RoHS compliant
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    CE Certified
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Brand Your Penlights With Maytown

Maytown is an OEM and ODM flashlight manufacturer that helps you develop your flashlights and headlamps. We'll help you create the perfect flashlight brand by listening to what you want and working tirelessly to make that a reality. Consider which features are most important to you, which design you love, and which types of packaging would catch your eye. Just about anything you can think of!

360° Service

We offer a comprehensive service, from flashlight concepts to product manufacturing and packaging.

Product Development

We can guarantee our products' safety, security, and high quality through our original raw materials.

Quality Standard

We have quality standards and checkpoints at each phase to guarantee you only get the best results.

SOP Manufacturing

Our production capabilities cater to small-batch, custom orders, and large-scale production.

amfori BSCIISO9001CERoHS Compliant


What types of products can Maytown produce?
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Maytown has become a leading OEM and ODM flashlight and headlamp factory. We're capable of manufacturing a huge selection of different types of flashlights, including penlights, EDC flashlights, tactical flashlights, hunting torches, camping lights, and many more! Learn more about what we can do for you in manufacturing if you contact us.
Can you make penlight samples?
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Yes. Before going into full-scale production, we can supply a sample for evaluation. You can get it for FREE! There is only a delivery charge you need to pay.
What is OEM and ODM Service?
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OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

OEMs are companies that are contracted to manufacture products that the customer entirely designed.

An OEM's primary selling point is that the client keeps all design authority. When working with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you won't have to worry as much about being locked into a specific manufacturer due to intellectual property concerns.

The ability to make changes to the final product is yet another perk of working with an OEM rather than an ODM. In contrast to original design manufacturer (ODM) products, which are limited to a specified design, OEM products can be constructed to any specification.

OEM production isn't without its drawbacks, chief among them the extensive resources needed to create a truly one-of-a-kind item. The time and money invested in R&D are included here, and everything else must be done to get the design to a point where it can be manufactured. Typically, these are sizable financial commitments that pose a certain danger to the investing business.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

Other names for ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) are white and private labelling. The manufacturer already has a prototype ready to go, and all the customer needs to do is make a few tweaks so they can sell it under their label. Branding, color schemes, and product packaging are just a few areas that might be subject to revision.

One benefit of ODM production is that it reduces the time and money spent on product development on the part of the customer. When working with an ODM, a company's client does not have to spend years and countless dollars on R&D to bring a new product to market. The client can save money in the product development phase and put that toward advertising.

Economies of scale are a further advantage of outsourcing to an ODM manufacturer. Since the manufacturer is producing the same design in such large quantities, the unit cost of the product should decrease.
What is your MOQ?
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Our lowest MOQ is 1,000 pcs for OEM orders. Best deal to start your flashlight business.
May I personally examine your quality control procedures?
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Yes! We welcome you and your team to visit our factory at your convenience.

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