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Power up your outdoor gear project with Maytown's LED Lantern Flashlights! With our LOW MOQ and competitive wholesale price, you can start your next flashlight business and have it customized according to your requirement.


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Your Trusted Manufacturer For Led Lantern Lights

Maytown produces a variety of high-quality and durable flashlight alternatives available for camping or hiking. Whether you're looking for led camping lanterns, solar led lanterns, camp led lanterns, or a cutting-edge rechargeable camping flashlight, we have them all!

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Exquisitely Bright and Long-Lasting

Our flashlights are equipped with sufficiently bright LEDs that can illuminate even the darkest corners in any situation. Factory made with the latest materials and equipment ensures that you get only superb quality from our products.
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Premium Quality With Affordable Price

You'll enjoy every led lantern made by Maytown because it's meticulously designed and crafted — without increasing your budget.
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All-in-one solution and 99.9% On-time Delivery

Maytown has created an advanced manufacturing SOP and a one-stop solution service after years of gathered expertise. We seek to meet our customers' expectations of on-time delivery through a system culture, procedural rigour, speed, and flexibility.

Wholesale Flashlight Lantern Combo

As far as lantern lights go, Maytown has a firm grasp on the technology. We're continually refining and enhancing our flashlight performance to make it the most excellent lantern light on the market.

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Excellent Lighting at 200 - 1000 Lumens

A lantern flashlight should have an adequate light output to illuminate an area without being too bright. The average lumen output of a lantern is between 200 and 1000. This is usually enough light to light up a small campground.
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Compact & Lightweight

Lantern lights from Maytown are small and lightweight, making them convenient to carry. In addition to camping gear, this is a must-have in every emergency or hurricane kit.
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Built to withstand grueling outdoor pursuits

The military-grade build of Maytown's lantern flashlights ensures they will withstand even the most extreme impacts. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.
Maytown - custom led camping lantern

Benefit From Your Committed Led Lantern Lights Manufacturer

We design and manufacture our camping flashlight lanterns with dependability in mind. All products were subjected to rigorous testing that exceeded industry requirements.

led lantern design service


The flashlight design is a major part of our procedure. When creating lantern lights, we integrate your ideas during our design process.

led chips for camping lanterns

Top-Grade Materials

Our led lantern flashlights are made from durable plastic, stainless steel, branded led components, and made-to-order rechargeable batteries.

precise plastic injection process

Precise Plastic Injection

Our customized mold is created in exact accordance with the criteria laid out by the industry. You can either email us a sample or provide details about the design you have in mind.

camping lantern assembly process

Adheres to Assembly Protocols

The key to long-term success is a product's ability to withstand repeated use. The ISO9001:2015 and amfori BSCI certifications helped us refine our flashlight assembly process.

lumen test for camping lanterns

Quality Control

We conduct an in-depth audit of every led camping lantern product to ensure that they live up to the high standards you request.

all-around support - Maytown

All-around Support

The selection of raw materials, examining samples, and fabricating our flashlights are all part of our process. Before shipment, we make sure all led lanterns are working perfectly!

Custom My Led Lantern

Proficient. Dependable. Certified

Maytown manufactures a variety of high-quality, long-lasting solar lantern flashlights as one of China's leading manufacturers of both headlamps and flashlights.

Best Lumens For Outdoor Lighting

Flexible Output

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150 lumen
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300 lumen
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500 lumen
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800 lumen
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900 lumen
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1000 lumen
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3000 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
80 lumen
100 lumen
180 lumen
200 lumen
400 lumen
580 lumen
600 lumen
650 lumen
700 lumen
750 lumen
1200 lumen
1250 lumen
1500 lumen
2000 lumen
High Quality Components

Branded LEDs


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XM-L2 U2 & U3
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Osram & Luminus LEDs

Various Power Sources Option

Battery Types

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

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Non-rechargeable batteries

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AA and AAA Alkaline batteries

Solar Panel

OEM Capabilities

Multiple Uses

We make the best led lanterns for:

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Hanging on the trees
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Power outage
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Night fishing
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Top-of-the-line. Best Rates. Premium Quality

Overview Of Our Manufacturing Process

A quick look at the steps involved in making our flashlights. Our experts take their time with each step.

Learn the whole production process

Professional Ordering Process

Get a quote right away!

Submit a quote request and get the best price for custom lantern lights within 12 hrs.

Confirm Order Details

Confirm your led lantern samples, specifications, logo prints, shipping date, and packaging.


We start our swift production using cutting-edge technology and a team of field experts.

Flashlight Audit

Customers can meet with our QC officer at our facilities to inspect their orders.


Why Wholesalers Choose Us

With our cutting-edge production line and best-in-class innovative torch light solutions, we provide our customers with an outstanding, more efficient, and safe sourcing experience.

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    We have experienced and reliable in-house engineers for CNC machining, able to produce durable and quality flashlight designs.
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    We streamline the process to manufacture each of our lantern lights. Besides, we offer a five-year warranty on our products.
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    As an OEM/ODM manufacturer for 12 years, Maytown has built strong relationships with worldwide brands after years of R&D and manufacturing support.
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    We are glad to say that our pricing is among the most competitive in the business while providing guaranteed quality lantern flashlights.
Learn More About Us
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Boost Your Brand with Custom Flashlight & Headlamps

Our led flashlight and headlamps meet all global quality measures. With this, we are happy to provide samples for any extra inspections or test reports you may require.

The Maytown Standard

We offer revolutionary flashlight solutions for brand owners, retailers, industry manufacturers, and wholesalers.

Detailed Specifications

Focus On The Market

We're always providing trendy and affordable flashlights by taking inspiration from various markets in the led lantern business.

flex moq


In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, all of our breakthroughs, services, and products are designed with their needs in mind.

value for money

Extensive Knowledge

For the past 12 years, we've been providing reliable flashlight solutions based on our industrial experience, established procedures, and proven methods.

precise manufacturing

Timely Delivery

Maytown is committed to completing your lantern light projects on time. We can manufacture flashlights for our customers quickly without losing quality.

fast delivery

Tailor-made Led Lantern Lights

Maytown can provide tailored solutions to help you overcome your strictest requirements. Our OEM and ODM services are always available.

5 year warranty

In-house Production Line

Our in-house led lantern production system enables us to deliver high-quality, affordable flashlights to meet your needs.

Fulfill Your Custom Led Lantern Flashlight Needs

Maytown provides design concepts and production techniques to assist you in achieving your flashlight business objectives. For your lantern lights, we also offer a wide variety of unique alternatives for branding and packaging.

Maytown engineer - all in one flashlight solutions

All-in-One Solution

Your first choice led camping lantern flashlights vendor, providing a comprehensive choice in a variety of brightness, beam distance, and other specifications and a full-circle service.

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    Wide range of outdoor gear flashlights
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    Market-oriented led lanterns development team
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    OEM/ODM service
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    Best affordable pricing always
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    Full after-sales support
Talk to our specialist
certified flashlight manufacturing process

Certified Flashlight Vendor

Bulk camping led lantern orders are manufactured with the help of decades of industry knowledge. Our development team reviews and critiques every aspect of the prototype and final products before shipping. All products go through an extensive quality management process following the industry standards.

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    ISO9001:2015 certified
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    amfori BSCI verified
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    RoHS compliant
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    SOP-based supply chain management
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Customize Your Lantern Flashlight From a Chinese Manufacturer

We fulfill and exceed our client's expectations by providing flashlight solutions at every stage of the process, from quote requests, design, sampling, collaboration, and on-time production to delivery.

Wide Custom Options

Our OEM/ODM services allow our clients to customize their products to their specifications.

Vertically Integrated

We conceptualize, manufacture, and distribute LED lighting headlamps, and flashlights for different industries

Quality Satisfaction

Maytown prioritizes quality. We're devoted to offering our customers a defect-free products.

Warranty Claim

All of our products are assured against defects in workmanship and materials for 5 years after purchase.

amfori BSCIISO9001CERoHS Compliant


Do you outsource your flashlights?
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No. All our flashlights and headlamps are 100% produced in our factory in China.
My lantern flashlight no longer works. What should I do?
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Each lantern flashlight we make comes with an instruction manual. In the unlikely event that this fails to function, you can take advantage of our 5-year guarantee.
Can I customize my led lantern flashlights?
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Yes! Maytown is a top-tier Chinese LED lantern light manufacturer. We can make headlamps and flashlights to your specifications.

If you need assistance from our design team to complete your artwork, we are here to help. A lot of customers have trusted us to bring their vision to life. Get in touch if you're interested in OEM/ODM services!
What's the MOQ of your products?
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We have a low MOQ of 1,000 units for mass production runs.
For sample orders, you can start with 1 pc for testing purposes.
When is the best time to replace my flashlight's batteries?
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How often you change the batteries depends on several factors, including the specifications, your particular preferences, and how long you plan to keep using the light.

It may be prudent to replace the batteries or bring along a spare set of batteries for your device before setting out on a lengthy journey. If you aren't using the light for a while, removing the batteries is best.
How long should and led lantern last?
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To rate the "Run Time" of a flashlight with new batteries, we adhere to the guidelines by the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Flashlight Basic Performance Standard (2009).

This standard states that batteries' "useful life" ends when the flashlight's light output drops to 10% of its initial value.

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