About Maytown

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The Beginning of Our Story

Maytown has been a dedicated manufacturer of LED Flashlights and headlamps in China since 2011 and is ISO9001:2015, and amfori BSCI certified. Due to extensive know-how and expertise, Maytown has supplied different types of customized flashlights to large and small brands for over 10 years.

With the comprehensive capability of ODM, OEM, molding, and a wide range of flashlight categories, we guarantee our clients worldwide full access to any design on the market. Our primary focus and business goal is to provide custom project-based ways to help you realize your ideas and plans.

Top Brands' Partner

We leverage our supply chain advantages to better serve our clients by developing strategic relationships with our suppliers. Maytown has now established long-term partnerships with several worldwide brands.  

Maytown will never change its motto that being close to end users provides ultimate solutions, making us the top partner.

Vision and Faith

We believe the principles will help us outperform the industry average.

Quality Compliance

Absolute eco-friendly products meet RoHS, REACH, UL, and CE standards, with the best quality at the lowest cost.


Service Bespoke options on-demand at your leisure, all-inclusive services to realize every detail.

Clear collaboration

Hide nothing to efficiently discuss your project needs with you and provide the quickest response to save you time.

A Team of Bright and Passionate Minds

We are enthusiastic about our profession and eager to advance to a higher level to assist our clients' projects with bespoke and sustainable LED flashlight solutions with higher returns.

The Best Manufacturing Service

It all comes down to resolving your challenges and completing your projects. We always go above and beyond for you.

Professional Technical Advice

Any of your inquiries will be thoroughly investigated and responded to within 12 hours with practical advice and effective solutions.

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Comply with the Certification Requirements

Before delivering the flashlights to your location, we guarantee that every Maytown flashlight goes through different examinations.

Throughout each production, there is a thoughtful implementation, especially for the light output and battery runtime test; this ensures that our flashlights are safe and efficient to meet the requirements of your markets, as they meet all stringent standards.

Simply Excellent Quality

Our guiding principle for Maytown's flashlight is quality, guaranteed to have a 5-year life expectancy or more.

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PDCA Methodology

Maytown undertakes quality assurance on each manufacturing step every 2 hours to detect potential problems.

In the event of an issue, Maytown's QC staff will determine the root cause (Plan), implement the chosen solution (Do), understand what works (Check), and standardize the solution (Act) to improve the entire manufacturing process and reduce future problems.

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    Complete project management
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    Quick and personalized service
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    ISO9001: 2015 Guidelines

Maytown meets high safety testing and certification requirements. We only use a full range of advanced automatic and semi-automatic equipment in our flashlights.

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Additional Assistance

Our skilled team is highly collaborative and accommodating to our customers' pressing needs. We make every effort to adjust and adapt to your specific needs.

If you do not find a suitable flashlight with us, we have several partner resources from which we can aid you in purchasing some related products at a reasonable price.

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    Flex Molding Service
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    Free Trial Sample
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    No Delay in Delivery
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    Environmentally Friendly Material
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