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Magnetic. Rechargeable. 360 Degree Rotary

LED Work Light Features

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Maytown consistently delivers the most durable and extensive handheld work light product lines tailored to meet the needs of workers worldwide.

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Long-Lasting battery life, recharged via USB

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360° design for multiple angles lighting

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Space-saving ultrathin design; collapses in half

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High brightness, medium brightness, red mode

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Strong magnet base for the hand-free situation

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We Serve Both Local and International Customers

Maytown has grown steadily over the past decade, and now it has the reputation and capacity to serve domestic and international markets.

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On-time Delivery

Your Guide to the Best OEM and ODM Magnetic Work Light

In 2011, Maytown was founded to produce high-quality led torches and headlamps. We've expanded our line of LED work lights to include a magnetic, rechargeable, rotating, snap-on, and handheld LED work light.

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Full access to any design through ODM, OEM, and molding capabilities
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We'll look into your concerns and get back to you within 12 hours with actionable advice and answers.
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Our customized headlamps and flashlights come in a wide variety of stylish options.
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Your high-quality work flashlight will be carefully assembled and promptly delivered with our quick response time, cutting-edge machinery, and operations.
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With your input and feedback, our skilled engineers will develop a custom work light design tailored to your specifications.
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6 Stages of Production for Quality Work Light

Our skilled and committed engineering staff will work with you side-by-side to define an LED work light design that is perfect for your application.

quality material

Raw Materials Management

  • We have a secure supply chain.
  • Aluminium, plastic, and other materials may be rapidly sourced from trustworthy vendors at affordable costs.
quick sampling


  • LED work lights are offered at reasonable prices.
  • Molds are made according to your specifications for LED work lights.
  • A test sample will be made and sent to you for inspection.
  • Prototypes can be delivered within 7 days.
headlamp production

Manufacturing Process

  • After an agreement is signed, production can commence.
  • High-tech machinery and facilities for manufacturing portable work lights.
  • Our flashlights have custom-built LED chips, batteries, lenses, and others.
logo printing

Logo Printing

  • Worklights, headlamps, and flashlights from Maytown can be customized with laser-printed logos.
  • For more tailored results, we can perform structural changes.
  • We use cutting-edge machinery before moving on to proofreading and printing.
headlamp lumen test

We perform 360-degree tests on our work light

  • Led worklight battery test
  • Waterproof rating test
  • Temperatures & Humidity Tes
  • Beam Distance Test
  • Button Test
fast shipping service


  • Each finished portable worklight is individually packaged after assembly.
  • Carefully packed into cargo containers and sent to you as soon as possible.
  • Get the latest information on your shipments.
  • Shipping is available anywhere in the world.

We Manufacture Work Lights for any Industry

Maytown remains the premier LED work light supplier in the industry. To stay ahead of the competition, we're always adding new features and refining the look of our products, as evidenced by our extensive line of work lights.

Customized Output

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100 lumen
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200 lumen
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300 lumen
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400 lumen
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500 lumen
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600 lumen
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700 lumen
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1000 lumen
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1200 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
250 lumen
350 lumen
650 lumen
750 lumen
1600 lumen
1800 lumen
2500 lumen

Flexible Options

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COB led
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Snap on
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Skilled. Professional. Innovative.

Your Best Led Worklight Supplier In China

LED Flashlights, Headlamps, Bike Lights, Hunting Flashlights, Everyday Carry (EDC) Flashlights, and Tactical Flashlights are what we do best. Based on our extensive and varied professional experience, we guarantee to bring your penlights OEM/ODM requests to life. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in exploring how to bring your product from concept to market.

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The American National Standards Institute is the gold standard by which we measure performance and quality (ANSI)
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We can meet your packaging needs, including logo printing, box design, and more!
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As the market evolves, we adapt by introducing new features and improving the overall design of our goods.
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Our expertise  also lies in making individualized molds,
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The BSCI and ISO9001 certifications show that our manufacturing facility is trustworthy.
amfori BSCIISO9001CERoHS Compliant
Maytown Headlamp Engineer

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