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Working with a reliable flashlight supplier is the best choice when you need high-output flashlights built from scratch per your designs and quality standards. If you want to stand out from the competition, Maytown is the way to go.


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The Best High-Power Flashlights From Maytown

What features must be in the best high-power flashlights on the market. The various categories of Maytown's flashlights adhere to the same quality principles to maximize the usable light on your device.

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The LED inside a flashlight is the primary determinant of how much light it can produce. Each LED has a specific lumen output. As soon as that threshold is reached, the only way to achieve a brighter light output is to increase the number of LEDs used.
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The battery's capacity determines the flashlight's output. Li-ion batteries are used in Maytown's most powerful LED flashlights. The watt power required in the same energy-dense package is not available from conventional battery chemistries like alkaline.
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Our most powerful flashlights, which include the high output tactical, EDC, and work lights, are extremely dependable, durable, and high-functioning, with brightness ranging from 1500 lumens up to 20000 lumens.
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Get A Customized Powerful Flashlight from China

Since we're a comprehensive supplier, our services extend far beyond the simple production of flashlights and headlamps. We give you professional advice and handle the finer points in every production stage.

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Social Conformity

The manufacturing facility where your goods are produced has been audited and found to comply with all applicable safety standards and is capable of consistently delivering products and services that meet the needs of both customers and government regulators. Our factory is ISO9001:2015 & amfori BSCI Verified.
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innovative lighting solutions

As an OEM and ODM flashlight manufacturer, we offer our clients fresh perspectives to help them in their creative efforts. We participate in developing their products from the very beginning, allowing us to contribute to producing high-quality, innovative lighting solutions for both the domestic and international markets.
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Managed Quality Assurance

Our quality control team meticulously inspects each flashlight before it is packed and shipped. Loose parts are secured, and broken ones are fixed or discarded.

Benefit From Professional Bright Flash Light Supplier

Maytown's attitude as a supplier and manufacturer is infused in our drive that underpins our corporate mission.

Budget-Friendly Raw Materials

Trusted, Budget-Friendly Raw Materials

Using cutting-edge, durable, and economically-friendly materials, we can maintain the highest standards.

Innovate flashlights

Conceptualize, Innovate, Execute

Put your ideas into reality and become a recognized brand with our assistance. We'll keep you in the loop so that you get the high power LED flashlights and service possible.

Professional Large-scale Production

Professional Large-scale Production

All of our production machinery, CNC machines, and testing equipment are state-of-the-art on a global scale. As a result of having these machinery, 99% of all products meet or exceed requirements.

Effective Assembly

Effective Assembly

We perfected the assembly using standard quality control procedures to ensure that all the components were mounted according to their intended function.

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Each product, from the smallest keychain light to the ultra bright tactical flashlight, goes through rigorous quality assurance testing before shipping.

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

We take full ownership of the process from start to finish. That's why your orders will arrive promptly at the location you specified. Book a consultation to get your order as early as 5 days!

Custom My Powerful Flashlight

Explore The Vast Flashlight Selection We Supply

Numerous well-known brands recommend Maytown Flashlights. Here are some examples of the wholesale flashlight models that we can produce.

Source High Powered Flashlight From A Qualified Factory

Maytown closely monitors the market to provide our customers with cutting-edge innovations. Our well-planned production method allows you to create the brightest and longest-lasting torch lights.

High Quality Power Source

Branded LEDs


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XM-L2 U2 & U3
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Osram & Luminus LEDs

Various Power Sources Option

Battery Types

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

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Non-rechargeable batteries

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AA and AAA Alkaline batteries

Solar Panel

All-Around Production

Learn more about how Maytown can handle your LED flashlight order from start to finish, on time, and within your set budget. Explore our production process:

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    CNC machining of the flashlight housing
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    Interior drilling
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    Components assembly
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    Logo printing
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Learn the whole production process
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High Output

Lumen Brightness 

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1000 lumen
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1200 lumen
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2000 lumen
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4000 lumen
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6000 lumen
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8000 lumen
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10000 lumen
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12000 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
1300 lumen
1400 lumen
1500 lumen
1600 lumen
1800 lumen
2500 lumen
3000 lumen
5000 lumen
14000 lumen
15000 lumen
18000 lumen
20000 lumen

Our Ordering Process

Request A Quote

Please specify the style, features desired, and packaging options to receive the most competitive quote within 12 hours.

Check Your Specifications

Verify the sample quality, and decide on a delivery date that works with your schedule.


Once the sample is approved, we immediately begin mass production and conduct quality checks.


We promise to take the full obligation to ensure all flashlights are manufactured to your specifications.


Fulfill Your Brightest Led Flashlights Needs

Maytown's unwavering belief that proximity to customers yields superior results cements our position as the best industry partner.

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    OEM and ODM manufacturer
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    Plenty of options for you to choose from in our catalog
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    Our technical and design staff can create a high-powered flashlight tailored specifically to your needs.
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    Several major international brands have committed to long-term partnerships with us, like Luxpro, Life Gear, Walmart, Truper, etc.
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    The Maytown plant has received both ISO9001:2015 and amfori BSCI Certification.
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    Products met the requirements of ANSI FL1 Standards. 100% Safe, 100% Quality.
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Why Choose Us?

We guarantee that every Maytown flashlight will meet or exceed your expectations for quality and reliability. Major lighting manufacturers and grocery store chains are among the clients we serve.

5 year warranty

Large Selection Available

Choose from various flashlight types to find one that works for you. Many fields rely on our flashlights for daily work and personal use.

value for money

Low Minimum Order Quantity

Trial orders and new businesses with a low minimum order quantity are encouraged. You can start your flashlight business with our MOQ of only 1,000 pieces.

Detailed Specifications

In-Depth Knowledge

Our mission is to supply you with the best possible led torches and headlamps. To meet the ever-evolving needs of the market, constant R&D is conducted.

flex moq

OEM/ODM Manufacturer

Our flashlight customization and ODM services are among the best in the industry. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them.

fast delivery

Expeditious Shipping

Our well-planned manufacturing processes guarantee top-quality flashlights without delaying delivery times. We guarantee on-time shipping.

precise manufacturing

Superb Cost-Effectiveness

With the best prices on our high-power led flashlights, Maytown is here to help you cut costs and boost profits on your next project.

We Support From Idea To Production

Maytown is your top choice for the brightest handheld flashlight options suited to your market needs.  Low minimum order quantity. Manufacturing plant with ISO certification.

Precise Modeling

Precise Modeling

Maytown's automated in-house equipment allows for extremely rapid flashlight sampling. You can rely on us for any sample order or a large amount of production.

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    Instant quotes
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    Flashlight and headlamps can be tailored to any structure or functionality
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    Monitoring of production and shipping in real-time

After receiving your image or sample, we will use it to create a molded sample, which we will then send to you for review so that we can make any necessary adjustments to the production.

Talk to our specialist
Tested Manufacturing

Tested Manufacturing

You can trust that your order of super bright led flashlights will be delivered on time and of the highest possible quality because that is our company's top priority.

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    Prototype Inspection
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    Machining to exacting standards for every design
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    Upon your request, we will provide you with the results of our materials testing

Choose Maytown as your one-stop shop for manufacturing the high lumen flashlight, and we will see to it that your order is completed quickly and accurately.

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Customize Your Hyper Tough Flashlight From A Reliable Factory

Our company's product team keeps a watchful eye on the market around the clock, ensuring that we always remain ahead of the curve. Our management is as straightforward as possible, which allows us to streamline our day-to-day operations, such as product design, order placement, mass production, and post-sale service.

Worldwide Corporation

We have 12 years of experience in brand management, R&D, and supply chain management, making us a trustworthy manufacturer for well-known companies.

Best Service Ever

We aim to supply each customer with all the data, help, and goods they need before, during, and after the purchase.

Customized Products

Each customer is unique, so we offer flexible options for the brightest torches and headlamps.

Review of Inspection

Before beginning production, we make sure everything is in order. Our inspector will look over the setup and preliminary technical data for production.

amfori BSCIISO9001CERoHS Compliant


Do you accept OEM / ODM projects? What is the MOQ?
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Maytown is happy to take on OEM and ODM orders, as our design team has 12 years of experience in the field. We can offer our expert opinion on layout, features, etc. MOQ is 1,000 pcs.
How many lumens does the hyper tough flashlight have?
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The average lumen output of a high output flashlight is between 1500 and 20000. About 1,750 lumens is the average output of a 100-watt light bulb.
Can I make my flashlight brand within a limited budget?
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We can make high-performance flashlights within your budget. We're happy to assist you with your requirements with a few extra features!
Is your flashlight rechargeable?
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If you want, we can construct a USB-rechargeable flashlight for you. We can implement any feature you may require.
How often should I swap out the batteries in my flashlight?
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There are several variables to consider when deciding when to change the batteries, including the specifications, your personal preferences, and how long you plan to keep using the light.

It may be prudent to replace the batteries or bring along a spare set of batteries on longer trips. Removing the batteries is the best choice if you're not using the light for a while.

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