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Concentrate on manufacturing high-quality and in-demand wholesale LED headlamps. Ultra bright lumen output solution. Different styles on request, including light bar, hard hat, and running headlamps. Guaranteed quality, every time.


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brightest headlamp features

Rechargeable. Waterproof. Cree LED

Brightest Led Headlamp Features

A reliable, powerful headlamp is essential for any nighttime outdoor activity, whether running, climbing, hiking, backpacking, or camping. Sifting through the plethora of cheap, faulty lights on the market can be difficult. Maytown can supply the brightest, longest-lasting, and most comfortable headlamps on your request.

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Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery

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Emitting 1000 lumens or more

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Highly Water-resistant

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Portable, light, bright, and comfort

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Capable of red, green, and blue light

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High-performance, Cree led chip

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We promise you the highest quality at the lowest possible price. Since we opened our doors 12 years ago, we've worked hard to earn a stellar reputation and clients' loyalty from every corner of the globe.

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On-time Delivery

Over 10 Years of Experience in the Headlamp Industry

Maytown is a leading provider of LED lighting solutions from Ningbo, China. Since 2011, we have expanded our LED lighting line to include various specialized products, such as flashlights and headlamps. Our factory has passed audits such as BSCI and ISO9001.

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Our in-house development team analyzes your requirements to create quickly implementable tools, procedures, and guidelines that guarantee on-time production and consistent quality standards when combined with current technology.
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Responsibility and long-term viability in production are two factors we must not overlook. Our manufacturing system has increased productivity, reducing waste and your wait time.
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With your flashlight brands in mind, Maytown is dedicated to developing cutting-edge ODM/OEM solutions.
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Partner with Maytown In 6 Easy Steps

Despite being capable and committed, Maytown's team stands out by continuing to prioritize customer service. With this guidance, Maytown may continue to be profitable and driven while meeting the strictest requirements in the industry.

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Raw Material Selection

  • Keeps an eye on the input costs for headlights to maintain price stability.
  • Maytown guarantees consistent headlamp quality. Our headlamps are made using branded, industry-standard components.
  • Production of raw materials on-site.
  • Through our extensive and continually expanding supply chain of reliable partners, we can advise you on the best materials to use in bringing your products to success.
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  • You can either describe your concept or provide a practical prototype for assessment.
  • Our CNC machining technique guarantees that every headlamp you purchase from us will be of the highest quality and precision.
  • Our molds can handle a wide range of sizes thanks to contemporary manufacturing technology.
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Guaranteed Manufacturing

  • Accurate, quick, and well-organized headlight assembly.
  • We're more than capable of adhering to schedules for mass production.
  • Talented workforce and advanced machinery system
  • Oversee the entire production cycle, from the initial concept to the delivered goods.
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Quality Check

  • We aim to provide products that meet or exceed international quality standards at fair prices and on time.
  • Before shipping, all of the headlamp's features are examined to ensure they meet both our and your standards.
  • Since we have the required qualifications, we can provide high-quality products quickly.
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Guaranteed quality, every time.

  • Reports of inspections are available upon request.
  • Come see the inspection process at our facilities, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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Worldwide Delivery

  • 99.99% on time delivery
  • Capable of shipping headlamps to anywhere in the world
  • Shipping goods as fast as 5 days

Wide Variety of LED Headlamps We Produce

The adaptability of our brightest headlamps makes them useful in various situations. Get in touch with Maytown if you want assistance creating the ideal high-powered rechargeable headlamp.

Flexible Output

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100 lumen
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200 lumen
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300 lumen
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400 lumen
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500 lumen
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600 lumen
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700 lumen
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1000 lumen
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1200 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
250 lumen
350 lumen
650 lumen
750 lumen
1600 lumen
1800 lumen
2500 lumen

Wide Custom Options

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Tactical headlamp
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Hyper tough headlamp
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Snap on headlamp
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Light bar headlamp

All-Around Head Torch Solution For

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Hard hat
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Knowledgeable, reliable, and trusted

Go With a Trustworthy Manufacturer for Your Brightest Headlights

Maytown has been at the forefront of the LED flashlight and headlamp industry since 2011. We've created cutting-edge LED lighting solutions, including light bars, hard helmet lights, and trail running headlamps.

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We can implement all the packaging, assembly, and design elements you envision.
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We have in-house and third-party quality assurance groups and put a premium on volume production to ensure your vast order goes off without a hitch.
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We handle the entire supply chain, from sourcing and purchasing raw materials to doing quality control inspections on representative samples.
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We have secured the necessary licenses for mass production, and our items will be packaged and dispatched on schedule.
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Samples must be approved for all orders before production and shipment begin.
amfori BSCIISO9001CERoHS Compliant
Maytown Headlamp Engineer

Table of Contents

What is the brightest headlamp?
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You can find specialized headlamps with us if you need a particular function (lasts the most prolonged, most lumen output, etc.)

Depending on your preferences for a headlamp. The Maytown headlamp is an excellent choice if you need a robust headlamp.
  • Radiation intensity: strong or weak beam
  • Horizontal or vertical illumination
  • Extremely bright LEDs only
  • Strobe mode with 5 LED flash (use in an emergency)
  • Flashing red and flashing red SOS
Your settings will also affect how long the headlamp's battery lasts. You may get far more use out of light by reducing its brightness to its minimal setting rather than using its maximum setting frequently. That means the battery life depends on how often you typically use the light and how often you use it.

Our headlamp can create 4,000 lumens, which is more than enough light for any situation. What's more, it's astounding in that it can improve your vision to around 241 yds in front of you.

Regarding a super-bright headlight, it's impressive that our lamp's batteries can keep going for 100 hours on the dimmest level.

This makes it an excellent headlamp for nighttime pursuits like mountain biking, skiing, and other long excursions.
The brightest headlamp applications
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Brightest Hunting Headlamp

You should always have a red light on hand when hunting; ideally, you shouldn't have to hide the white light to use the red light. This isn't a must-have, but it is a pleasant bonus.

You need a compact, lightweight headlight because it's easy to overpack when hunting. Depending on the nature of your tour and the features you require, you may have to make some concessions here, but in general, especially when backpack hunting, it's ideal for shedding a few additional ounces off your headlamp.

Brightest Camping Headlamp

If camping on an uncharted trail, you should bring a headlamp. Several stylish and practical lighting options are available, each of which can be adjusted to produce a unique illumination intensity.

Many kinds of bulbs are included in this category, such as LED, halogen, incandescent, etc. LED, in particular, offers superior brightness while reducing power consumption. Be sure to hang them where they will provide the most light. Because of how small and sturdy they are, they are easy to transport and convenient.

In addition, LEDs are cooler and emit less UV, which reduces the number of insects drawn to the light. A few of them have solar panels to power from the sun. They need to be exposed to sunlight during the day.

Brightest Hiking Headlamp

Due to their hands-free nature, headlamps are an excellent choice for outdoor activities like backpacking and hiking. You should never hike without both hands free for whatever surprises Mother Nature may bring you or for carrying necessities.

Nighttime navigation of trails can be challenging. The rocks, tree roots, twigs, and occasionally even animals found in these tracks give them the appearance of a mysterious maze. Because of the potential danger posed by these trail hazards, having both hands free to catch yourself, move obstacles out of the way, run, or defend yourself against an aggressive bunny is helpful.
Headlamp buying advice
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How Many Lumens Should Your Light Have?

First thing, think about how much illumination you require for your headlamp. These lights range from a maximum output of 200 lumens to a maximum output of 1,000 lumens. The brightness of most headlamps can be adjusted by dimming or multiple modes.

You shouldn't use the light's maximum setting for extended periods because it will quickly drain the battery, but it's good to have a powerful beam available just in case.

In our experience, lights with 100-300 lumens work well for general household use and as emergency backups while backpacking, camping, and hiking.

Get something with at least 300 lumens if you plan on using it as a navigational aid in pitch black.

earching at 400 lumens is a good starting point for extreme activities like spelunking or night climbing or when you'll be moving at higher speeds (like on a night trail run or mountain bike ride).

Lumens are not a perfect measurement of a headlamp's brightness and quality. The visible light output of these lamps is measured in lumens, which is not always indicative of how far you can see and how well they will light up a trail or campsite.

The recommendations above are high-quality headlamps with advanced optics (and we highlight any exceptions), so lumens are still a reliable measure of a headlamp's brightness. Instead of relying solely on the lumen spec, make sure also to consider beam distance, beam type, and brand reputation.

Spot, Flood, Colored, and Strobe Lights

The standard headlamp has several lighting modes: spot, flood, colored, and strobe. Most lamps come pre-set to shine a powerful LED spot beam designed to illuminate a specific area rather than flood the room with light. While not always required, a long-range beam can come in handy when trying to see far down a trail, finding an anchor while climbing down, or even for more extreme uses like caving.

Although a floodlight setting is an excellent addition to any headlamp, it is not standard equipment. Floodlights are ideal for illuminating large areas around a campsite or inside a tent while providing a good view of what's immediately in front of you. Depending on the model, you may switch between a focused beam and a wider floodlight using a single LED in your headlamp. Many manufacturers will list the effective range of a lamp in its product description.

Red (and sometimes blue and green) LEDs

1. Can be found in many premium and upper-tier headlamps.
2. Great for late-night reading or hanging out with friends
3. Not blinding

Blue and green LEDs

For specialized nighttime needs (e.g., hunting)

AAA and Rechargeable Batteries

You can find the AAA batteries or the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers most standards LED headlamps tucked away in the light's body or the strap's rear. Because of their portability, USB-rechargeable batteries have become the standard in recent years.

The major drawback of rechargeable batteries is that replacing a dead battery is not as simple as replacing AAAs, so you'll need to bring along a power bank or solar panel if you're going to be in the field for days.

Although there is a slight price premium for rechargeable options, it is important to remember that AAA batteries can quickly add up the cost and waste. While we recommend rechargeable headlamps for most people and situations, a AAA model can be a good option if you're on a budget, don't need a backup, or won't use your headlamp frequently.


A headlamp's weight can range from unnoticeable to substantial. The more robust and profound the headlamp's purpose, the heavier it will be. Lighter headlamps typically have a thinner plastic casing and use fewer batteries, while heavier models made from aluminum or thick plastic can withstand more complex impacts.


The variety of strap designs is directly proportional to the load of the headlamp. There are two main types of straps: one that merely encircles your head with elastic nylon and another that consists of a separate strap that crosses your forehead.

The two-strap design is the way to go if you wear a helmet while rock climbing, mountaineering, or caving. However, the classic around-the-sides style is still widely popular. They can be worn with a helmet, are simple to adjust, and provide adequate support for many everyday activities at home and in the great outdoors.

IP Ratings and Waterproofing

You should consider the headlamp's weather resistance if you use it extensively outside. You should probably cover up and head for your tent as soon as it rains since some cheap headlamps offer little to no protection.

More robust safeguards are standard on most mid and high-end models, though. The IP rating scale is used to determine the durability of electronic devices in adverse weather conditions. The lowest rating, IPX0, indicates a total lack of protection, while the highest rating, IPX8, indicates the item can withstand extended exposure to water.
Why choose Maytown to customize your headlamps
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For over 10 years, Maytown has been producing flashlights. We have extensive experience with custom manufacturing and have assisted many well-known companies in growing their customer base and financial success.

We can modify the look and sense of your new design, including hue, logo, packaging, function, lamp bead color, lumen output, and more. You can get there with Maytown's assistance.

Our LED headlamps last longer, are brighter and use less energy than competing models. To better illuminate people's lives, we're pleased to manufacture and distribute the most powerful LED headlamps on the market.

Put your brightest led headlamp into production today

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