Full Experience

Cost-control and product-development expertise

accept oem order

Accept small orders for start-ups at 1,000 pcs

vetted factory

In compliance with ANSI FL1, RoHS, pass ISO9001:2015

quality control

Internal QC and QA team for high levels of quality assurance

workable lead time

Order completion from 5 business days

Types of Bike Lights

Our mission is to develop innovative flashlight solutions to meet the specific needs of every one of our clients. If you're a frequent cyclist, you'll want to invest in some bike lights. Make sure to consider Maytown's best road bike lighting options!

front lights

The Front Lights

Sourcing a bright bike light to see speed bumps on the road. Maytown bike lights are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries and LED technology, making it possible to produce powerful lights for night cycling.

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bike helmet lights

Bike Helmet Lights

A bike helmet light will increase visibility and allow you to ride safely. Maytown's helmet lights have an affordable accessory that is lightweight, durable, and can be attached to almost any bike helmet.

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Customize Best Light For A Bike

Maytown is well-versed in the optics of bicycle flashlights. As a supplier, we're constantly tweaking and improving our flashlight in order to make it the best bike light available on the market.

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Powerful and portable

Maytown's rechargeable bike flashlights are powered by reliable and lightweight lithium-ion batteries. These rechargeable batteries are more sustainable and cost-effective than disposables.
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High Lumen output

Our flashlights have at least 200 lumens that you can use for urban riding and at least 400 lumens for nighttime rides. Off-road trail lights need to be brighter, more powerful, and have a longer battery life to be more effective.
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Bike Light Mounting Options

There are numerous ways to mount bicycle lights on the front or helmet. Strap/band and clamp mounts are two popular choices.
bike lights for night riding

Bike Flashlights Performance

Just a few steps away from your expected cycling lights vendor! Discover how we create flashlights and headlamps that are widely known domestically and internationally. 

Video of Manufacturing Process

Explore Maytown's facilities and take a look at our technologically advanced production lines. We encourage you to visit and see how we work effectively and produce bulk led bike lights to exacting standards.

Learn the whole production process
Flexible Output

Best Lumens

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300 lumen
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350 lumen
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400 lumen
check icon
500 lumen
check icon
800 lumen
check icon
900 lumen
check icon
1000 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
200 lumen
535 lumen
588 lumen
1200 lumen
1300 lumen
1400 lumen
1500 lumen
1600 lumen
1800 lumen
2000 lumen
2500 lumen
3000 lumen
4000 lumen
5000 lumen
6000 lumen
8000 lumen
High Quality Components

Branded LEDs


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XM-L2 U2 & U3
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Osram & Luminus LEDs

Power Style On Request

Battery Types

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

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Non-rechargeable batteries

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AA and AAA Alkaline batteries
OEM Capabilities

Multiple Uses

We make the best lights for:

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Night riding
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City riding
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Night mountain bike riding

China's Best LED Bike Lights Wholesale Supplier

Maytown's bike lights innovation has become the standard for bicycle headlights for over 10 years. These years of expertise solidify Maytown's position as a forerunner in the bicycle lighting industry.

bike lights components

Trusted Raw Materials

Our rechargeable bike flashlights begin with the best raw materials. Cutting-edge, durable, and affordable materials help us meet high standards.

CNC turning flashlight

Delicate CNC Turning

Our custom mould is made in strict accordance with industry standards. You can send a sample or tell us about the desired concept you envision.

flashlight assembly

Flashlights Assembly SOP

By adhering to standard quality control procedures, we can fine-tune the process of assembling our flashlights.

detail-oriented designs

Detail-Oriented Designs

Design is a major part of our process. Bike lights are often created by incorporating your ideas into our conceptual frameworks.

flashlight lumen test

Flashlight Performance Assessment

Our samples and final products are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet our standards and your preferences.

Maytown Warehouse

Fully Supply Chain Service

It all begins with the selection of raw materials, the analysis of samples, and the manufacturing of the final product. We inspect everything before shipping!

Custom My Bike Flashlight

Bike Flashlights Gallery

When it comes to an understanding your goals, we'll help you with design concepts and production solutions. In addition, we offer you a wide range of custom designs and packaging options for your bike lights.

Why Choose Maytown

Maytown is a household name in China's bicycle flashlight industry because of its reputation for quality and dependability. Using high-quality products and technologies ensures that your business has no worries.

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    Our R&D, production, QC, and sales staff cover every aspect of the trade process.
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    Our product portfolio includes bike lights, camping flashlights, headlamps, and other professional flashlights.
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    Providing logo printing and packaging solutions for better brand identification.
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    Pass ISO9001:2015, amfori BSCI, comply with ANSI FL1 and RoHS standards.
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    Flashlight experts with 10+ years of expertise.
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maytown engineer

Professional Ordering Process

Expect immediate quote

Request a quote for custom bike lights and receive competitive quotes within 12 hours.

Verify Order Details

Confirm samples, specifications, brand logo, delivery time, and packaging for your flashlight order.


Using modern technology and highly trained people, we quickly and accurately fulfill your requirements.

Quality Inspection

We do a thorough quality check. The customer can inspect the order with a QC officer at our facilities.


The Maytown Standard

We continuously seek to improve our production facility's capacity to create led torches that are the best in the business.

Detailed Specifications

Creativity & Design

We continue to learn from other markets in the lighting and headlamp industry to improve our manufacturing processes. This enables us to create trendy and efficient torchlights.

flex moq

Fast and Customized Service

Each project has a team that we designate, overseeing the smooth execution of every step, from the quotation to the delivery.

value for money

Low MOQ Support

Maytown bike lights are inexpensive with a lengthy lifespan. If you're beginning a flashlight business, our modest MOQ of 1,000 is ideal.

precise manufacturing

Commitment and Attention

Our primary focus is on the advancement of LED torches and headlamps. We improve its performance while giving everyone access to the best flashlight solutions.

fast delivery

Dependable delivery

Our flashlights are well-packaged. We monitor delivery requests to ensure they're met on time. Choose the best shipping option for you.

5 year warranty

Warranty Program

Our warranty covers any concerns you may have about our flashlights and includes quick replacements when necessary.

From Mock-Up Flashlights to Mass Production

led bike lights design

Advancement & Originality

Light up your path; look no farther than Maytown. It has taken us more than a decade in the flashlight market to achieve the expertise and innovation we have today.

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    Opportunities for customization 
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    Consumer-oriented design
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    Innovation at its finest

When it comes to cycling flashlights, we use the latest optical technology. Using the full potential of LEDs, we have developed a wide spectrum of new technology.

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flashlight production machine

Full-Service Experience

Over 12 yrs of experience in cost management, trend forecasting, new product development, and logistics. We have a lot of experience working with big-name lighting companies.

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    Cost Management
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    Trend Forecasting
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    Supply chain management

Choosing the Maytown factory as your one-stop shop for manufacturing your custom bike lights ensures that every order is completed on time and within budget.

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100% Support to Your Bike Flashlight Business

In the last 12 years, Maytown has become one of the most trusted flashlight factories for worldwide brands, renowned for its affordable and quality flashlights. We are committed to offering high-quality LED flashlights, headlamps, and full-circle services to satisfy our client's needs. We have a professional design team, QA team, marketing team, and R&D that ensures all aspects and processes are thoroughly tested and controlled.

Reliable Supplier

We are partnered with top brands and supermarkets worldwide, providing affordable, energy-efficient lighting options.

Design Enthusiast

We offer ODM and OEM services. If you have a concept or design in mind, we can make it a reality and a successful brand.

Quality Control

Even if a flashlight has passed our QA checks before packing, we still conduct thorough assessments before shipping them out.

Certified Manufacturer

We are ISO9001:2015, amfori BSCI certified, and comply with ANSI FL1 and RoHS standards.

amfori BSCIISO9001CERoHS Compliant


What are the order processes?
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1. Buyer requests a flashlight quote, and we provide a price for samples and bulk orders.
2. Samples are sent out for quality review and evaluation.
3. Buyer confirms flashlight order samples, specifications, performance, logo, delivery date, and packaging request.
4. We begin mass production.
5. Customers can send QC to our factory to inspect their order, and our factory conducts a thorough quality control check.
6. Shipment and aftersales support.
Can you customize bike lights?
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Definitely! Our ODM and OEM services welcome you to have your flashlight according to your liking. Just let us know your idea, and we can make it possible.
Can I have a bike flashlight sample? Is it free?
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Yes! You can have a FREE bike mount flashlight sample. You will only need to pay the delivery fee.
How do you handle a broken or damaged flashlight?
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Our flashlights have 5 years warranty. We can replace any faulty flashlights if necessary.
How does Maytown vary from other flashlight manufacturers?
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We make things we love, treat our customers' utmost excellent customer service, and change the world by inspiring more people to get on their bikes.

We have the best LED bike lights for all cycling enthusiasts like mountain biking, commuting, and road riding.

Refined Night Cycling Experience

Maytown products are intended to improve your night riding experience. We ensure the safety and visibility of all cyclists by being committed to developing the brightest bike lights through CNC Machining and with the help of our skilled craftspeople.

Excellent Sophistication

The company's guiding principle is to strive for improvement always. Maytown products are constantly reconfigured during the design process until they reach their final form according to what our client wants.

More than just the aesthetic appeal, our product's internal structure has been carefully designed to guarantee maximum unwavering quality and efficiency, ensuring all of our client's ideas are integrated into every cycling light we produce.

Large selection

Our bike lights are for everyone! We design products for all types of bike riders, from amateurs to professional cyclists. We are a part of everyone's journey, as shown by the variety of our product categories, which include mountain bike lights, bike helmet lights, and bike lights for night riding.

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