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Rechargeable. Waterproof. Lightweight

Led Rechargeable Headlamp Features

Maytown's rechargeable headlamps have received acclaim for their innovative construction and powerful illumination. Adaptable to your needs so you can have optimal lighting on your next adventure.

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6 lighting modes

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High output Cree led chip, up to 300 meters beam distance

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Rechargeable via micro-USB port

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IPX6 Waterproof

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Slim design and flexible mount

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Relied Upon By The Industry's Leading Headlamp Brands

Maytown has helped major corporations and start-ups set first-rate standards in the headlamp market. Here are some of the businesses we've collaborated with over the years.

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On-time Delivery

Purchase Your Rechargeable Headlamps From A Reliable Manufacturer

When it comes to LED flashlights, Maytown is the industry standard. Flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns are just some of the many specialty LED lighting items we've created since 2011. Our factory has received the BSCI and ISO9001:2015 certifications to supply our goods confidently.

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Professional engineers and designers with extensive experience in graphic design, new product introduction, and manufacturing.
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We give form and function to your imagined product's structure, labeling, and other designs.
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The whole production process adheres to ISO9001 standards.
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No potential error will be tolerated with our bulk orders—production on a massive scale with internal and external quality control teams.
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We cover every supply chain step, from raw material sourcing and sample confirmation to certification testing and final product inspection.
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Work In Progress To Raise Standards For Rechargeable Headlights

The market seems to provide an almost infinite number of rechargeable headlamp options, making it difficult to choose one. The Maytown manufacturing process is quite thorough, so expect the best from the goods you purchase.

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Material Selection

  • Our rechargeable headlamps are produced with low-cost, well-tested parts.
  • Maximum quality for each component of the headlamps.
  • We only use premium brands for our raw materials.
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  • Superb manufacturing facility
  • CNC equipment with extreme accuracy
  • We provide free samples before every significant run.
  • We develop, make, and improve molds with exceptional features.
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Approved Production Methods

  • LED headlamp manufacturing facility with full ownership
  • Produced in a short amount of time and to a high standard.
  • Support your company from ideas through after-sales.
  • Compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards and the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
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OEM and ODM Headlamps

  • OEM and ODM services are accessible at all times to meet your unique printing and design needs.
  • A variety of options in headlamp types to complement your product line.
  • Professional engineers and designers with extensive experience in headlamp development, from manufacturing to branding to user experience.
  • Superior products for our customers are guaranteed by our ISO9001:2015 and amfori BSCI-certified manufacturing facility, which also features an in-house molding workshop and CNC Machining facilities.
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Quality Standards

  • Follow AQL 2.0 standards.
  • We make headlamps to order and make them to the standards of the intended market.
  • We conduct client inspections, and inspection documentation reports to ward against potential dangers and ensure everything is up to par.
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Distributing Globally

  • We have both domestic and international shipping capabilities.
  • Rapid shipping with an estimated 5-25 days arrival time.
  • With our end-to-end supply chain services, we can meet the needs of our customers for both low- and high-volume production in terms of speed, efficiency, and quality control.

China's Leading OEM and ODM Manufacturer of Rechargeable Headlamps

The rechargeable headlamps produced by Maytown are indispensable for navigating the night with clarity and visibility. Here are some headlamp styles we mainly manufacture.

Flexible Output

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100 lumen
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200 lumen
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300 lumen
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400 lumen
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500 lumen
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600 lumen
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700 lumen
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1000 lumen
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1200 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
250 lumen
350 lumen
650 lumen
750 lumen
1600 lumen
1800 lumen
2500 lumen

Wide Custom Options

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Tactical headlamp
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Hyper tough headlamp
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Snap on headlamp
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Light bar headlamp

All-Around Head Torch Solution For

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Hard hat
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Knowledgeable, Skilled. Reliable

Maytown Is Your Trusted Supplier For Top-Notch Headlamps Services

We enjoy tailoring our services to the specific requirements of our clients and working closely with them to create innovative, all-encompassing solutions. Rechargeable headlamps built to your exact specifications are within our engineering capabilities.

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We centered on serving clients honestly.
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Our team of experts allows us to offer reliable technical support alongside our OEM and ODM services.
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All our efforts are directed toward improving our products and services to the next level of quality and technical innovation.
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We test our headlamps using a vibration tester, a stress viewer, a temperature and humidity chamber, or a beam light chamber.
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Insightful feedback and suggestions are provided at every stage of product development, from inception to shipping.
amfori BSCIISO9001CERoHS Compliant
Maytown Headlamp Engineer

Table of Contents

Why Partner With Maytown?
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Customer satisfaction is the top priority in Maytown. We aim to improve production practices, productivity, scalability, and manufacturing efficiency.


Maytown's flashlights and headlamp solutions combine superior illumination with low power consumption, making them both effective and affordable.

As a brand that has produced flashlights and headlamps for over a decade, Maytown has become synonymous with innovation, quality, originality, and longevity.

To better serve your market, we are flexible in delivering our services while staying true to our mission of spreading more lighting solutions into the world.

Integrated Manufacturing Reach

Maytown is a leading global provider of rechargeable headlamps, and its products give users a unique opportunity to explore the interplay between illumination and architecture.

As a leader in your field, you can supply commercial clients of all sizes with a diverse offering of superior rechargeable luminaires and lighting control systems.


We are constantly releasing new product lines to keep up with the rapidly developing, cutting-edge market for rechargeable headlamps. Our team works tirelessly to expand its knowledge base to ensure that we always have the most advanced tools and knowledge and can produce the highest quality LED headlamps.
What makes a headlamp good for work?
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Numerous professions, from architects to engineers to plumbers, require headlamps, each with specific requirements. Water resistance, drop resistance, and general durability is all features that should be included in any working device.

Another critical issue is that the headlamp should fit a hard hat. The Maytown Headlamp improves visibility and potentially saves lives on the job. Clips are available to prevent your headlamp from creeping up your helmet over time.

The final primary consideration when choosing a headlamp for work is how simple it is to use. Your headlamp must be light enough to wear without a helmet for long periods.

In light of this, we offer OEM and ODM services to help you give form to your unique vision for your headlamps.
Are rechargeable batteries suitable for headlamps?
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Rechargeable batteries, specifically Li-ion headlamp batteries, which are widely regarded as the most efficient on the market, are a good choice for headlamps.

As a result of their high capacity, these batteries are frequently used in flashlights and headlamps. As for how many milliampere hours they have, that number shifts from model to model but is typically between 1500 and 3000.

The 18650 model is one of the most powerful of these-ion headlamp batteries. They have a high initial output and maintain it throughout their discharge, which is one of their main advantages.

The 18650 batteries' performance degrades in freezing temperatures, even though lithium-ion batteries last much longer in the cold than other types.

Generally speaking, battery life increases with battery size. Regarding headlamps, larger batteries typically have a higher output and can power brighter lights. However, charging time for these larger batteries will be significantly longer. They weigh a lot more too. Besides, we must design a separate, rear-mounted battery pack for most rechargeable headlamps.

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