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Focus on producing top-notch white laser torches for wholesale. The Minimum order quantity starts from 1,000 pieces. Send us a message now! CE, RoHS compliant.


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White laser flashlight features - Maytown

Ultra Bright. Long Beam Distance. Compact

Led White Laser Lights Features

For the past 12 years, Maytown has produced modern, custom white laser flashlights that are highly regarded by major distributors for their adaptability, long battery life, high-output LED lighting, and accurate color reproduction in a wide range of settings.

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Focused long shot, up to 1,200m beam distance

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Dustproof and waterproof

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Intelligent memory circuit

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Compatible with tactical accessories

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Impact resistant to 1.2m

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With a tactical switch, 3 modes, high, low, strobe

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Top Pick of Trustworthy Lighting Manufacturers

What we offer is the best quality for the best price. We've been in the flashlight business for 12 years, and in that time, we've worked hard to build a stellar reputation and the trust of customers worldwide.

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On-time Delivery

Fully Customized Flashlight Solutions At Your Request

Maytown's modern Chinese factory uses cutting-edge machinery to produce high-quality flashlights and headlamps. Not only that, but we can send our products anywhere in the world.

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Proud to be the world's premier manufacturer and wholesaler of China's best white laser flashlights.
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Make every white laser torches yours by adding your company logo! Custom carving of logos can be done to suit your preferences.
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Exceptional Craftsmanship, At Maytown, we ensure our products are of the finest quality and built to last by performing extensive durability tests.
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To help you expand your brand, we offer OEM and ODM services. Every aspect, from the look to the fit to the functionality, can be altered to your specifications. We're able to tailor our services to meet any need.
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Our quality standards are maintained throughout manufacturing. At each stage, from the initial concept to the printed logo and production, we will double-check with you.
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Producing Innovative Flashlights Since 2012

When it comes to OEM and ODM flashlights, Maytown has extensive experience. Our flashlights have been widely vetted and authorized by industry leaders, including led chips, lighting modes, the aluminum tube tooling process, and other features. We are the go-to partner for many well-known companies, from concept development to full-scale production.

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Topnotch Raw Materials

  • In-house raw material production.
  • Monitors production costs to ensure that the price of white laser flashlights remains stable.
  • To ensure quality, we only use our custom and commercial-grade materials for our white laser lights.
  • We have a wide network of dependable partners and can recommend the best materials for your product's success.
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  • In terms of providing a sample, you can describe your concept or present a working prototype.
  • All the flashlights we sell are manufactured with the utmost care and precision using computer numerical control machining.
  • Due to advancements in manufacturing technology, our moulds can accommodate various sizes.
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Manufacturing Process

  • Fast, precise, and well-organized construction of flashlights.
  • With our capabilities, we can reliably meet even the most demanding mass production deadlines.
  • Equipped with a skilled labour force and cutting-edge machinery.
  • We take charge of the whole manufacturing process, from the first idea to the finished product.
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Quality Assurance

  • We promise to deliver your order on time and at an affordable rate while maintaining the highest quality standards possible.
  • All aspects of the flashlights are checked before shipment to ensure they are up to par with ours and yours.
  • Because we meet all the eligibility requirements, we can produce first-rate goods rapidly.
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  • Inspection reports can be provided upon request.
  • We welcome visitors to our facilities at any time to observe and inquire about the inspection procedure.
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Worldwide Delivery

  • A delivery rate of 99% on time
  • Ready to serve customers anywhere in the world
  • Stock flashlights can be shipped out in 5 days

We Supply Different Types of White Laser Lights

Since our white light torches are so functionally flexible, you can use them for various tasks. We are here to assist you in developing the ideal high-powered rechargeable white laser flashlights, so please contact us immediately.

Flexible Output

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100 lumen
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200 lumen
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300 lumen
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400 lumen
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500 lumen
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600 lumen
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700 lumen
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1000 lumen
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1200 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
250 lumen
350 lumen
650 lumen
750 lumen
1600 lumen
1800 lumen
2500 lumen

Wide Custom Options

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Long throw or flood
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Tactical use
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Everyday use
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All-Around Head Torch Solution For

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Hard hat
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Skilled. Professional. Innovative.

Buy the Best White Laser Flashlight from a Trustworthy Vendor

Maytown has been the industry leader in LED lighting products like flashlights and headlamps since 2011. Among the many novel LED lighting tools we've created are EDC flashlights, bike lights, camping lights, led lanterns, and many more. Check out our products and find what's best for you!

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We can carry out any packaging, assembly, or design specifications you may have with our OEM and ODM services.
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We value volume production and have in-house and external quality assurance teams to guarantee the smooth completion of your massive order.
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We provide a one-stop-shop service, from selecting raw materials to conducting quality checks on samples and the mass production product.
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Production is conducted following ISO9001 guidelines at all times.
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We have invested in in-house moulding and CNC machining facilities to provide our customers with top-notch items.
amfori BSCIISO9001CERoHS Compliant
Maytown Headlamp Engineer

Table of Contents

Additional features of white laser flashlights
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  • White lasers have greater light penetration and illuminance at greater distances.
  • A good white laser flashlight has an illuminance distance can be up to 1,000 meters, which is difficult to achieve by other light sources.
  • Some white laser torches have low power but a lower energy requirement, meaning a longer battery life.
  • For portability, it could be made into a compact flashlight.
  • It is usable by anyone needing a compact, long-range aiming and searching solution, including law enforcement officers, military personnel, and hunters.
What is your MOQ?
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We require 1,000 pcs MOQ to help cater to start-up lighting businesses.
Why Choose Maytown to customize your white laser flashlights?
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Maytown has been making flashlights for 12 years; during that time, we've gained extensive experience in custom manufacturing and assisted many well-known companies in growing their customer base and bottom lines.

Your new design can be tailored to your preferences regarding torch structure, logo, packaging, function, and lumen output. Your goal is within reach with the assistance of Maytown.

Our white laser flashlights are more efficient, brighter, and have a longer lifespan. To better illuminate people's lives, we're pleased to manufacture and distribute the most powerful white laser torches on the market.
Do you offer samples for free?
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Yes! We only require our customers to cover the shipping fee, but our samples are free.

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