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Maytown has provided leading OEM and ODM services for hard hat lights for various industries since 2011. We guarantee consistent quality at the best rate. ISO 9001:2015 certified.


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LED Hard Hat Headlight Features

We have worked in the head torch for over 12 years, making us one of the market's most knowledgeable and competent headlamp suppliers. We guarantee the LED hard hat lights you choose produce sufficient light for the required period.

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Powerful, long-lasting light output

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230° Wide beam illumination

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Impact resistant, 2M (6ft) drop rated

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Weatherproof and Waterproof

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Adjustable setting, safety red taillight

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Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

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We always ensure that our best product is readily available to our customers. Over 12 years of doing business with worldwide clients, we have established a reputation and proved our abilities and dependability.

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The Easiest Way to Source Led Light for Hard Hat

Maytown is a leading manufacturer of headlamps and flashlights. Our industry expertise and wealth of supply chain resources are hardwired into production. We fulfill your headlamps order on time and within budget.

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Maytown offers superior hard hats at a competitive rate to help customers stand out from the competition.
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Our customers' needs are fully met by state-of-the-art production equipment, excellent supply quality, and efficient service.
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Our OEM and ODM services allow you to conceptualize your brand while we assist in making it a sought-after brand in the market.
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Internal system for monitoring quality and keeping tabs on production times.
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All-Around Hard Hat Led Light Solutions

Our knowledge of niche flashlights has allowed us to help our customers succeed in the rapidly expanding flashlight and headlamp market. Due to Maytown's stringent quality control measures, you can rest assured that your order will arrive in perfect condition.

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Superior Raw Material

  • Keeping a close eye on the cost of raw materials for headlamps to ensure price stability.
  • Our hard hat headlamps are made with low-cost, industry-standard parts, guaranteeing reliable illumination for years to come.
  • You can count on the best quality from our hard hat components.
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  • Precision manufacturing and tailoring allow for molds of varying structures.
  • You can either tell us about your concept or provide a prototype for us to use.
  • Our CNC machining technology ensures that each of your hard hats is of the highest possible quality and precision.
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Certified Manufacturing

  • Following ISO9001:2015 standards and the PDCA methodology.
  • We can flawlessly assemble each component of our hard hat headlamps.
  • Accept both small and large orders.
  • Fast turnaround time in production.
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OEM Headlamps

  • Maytown has earned a solid reputation as a reliable Chinese OEM and ODM manufacturer of high-quality hard hat headlamps
  • Everything you can imagine, from scratch to finished goods, is within our scope of competence.
  • No design limitations!
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Guaranteed quality, every time.

  • Visit our factory for a first-hand inspection
  • Inspection reports for production orders
  • We have a dedicated quality control team for each project
  • We guarantee that our headlamps will arrive undamaged in the right package as per your requirement.
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Worldwide Delivery

  • Lead times from 3 business days
  • We can do local and international shipping.
  • Monitor the delivery status of your orders.
  • No delay in delivery, we can ship our products all over the world with confidence.

Types of Headlamps We Offer

Our hard hat headlamps have a wide range of performance to fulfill different activities. Connect with us today, and we will help to create the best head torches based on your custom needs.

Flexible Output

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100 lumen
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200 lumen
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300 lumen
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400 lumen
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500 lumen
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600 lumen
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700 lumen
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1000 lumen
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1200 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
250 lumen
350 lumen
650 lumen
750 lumen
1600 lumen
1800 lumen
2500 lumen

Wide Custom Options

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Tactical headlamp
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Hyper tough headlamp
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Snap on headlamp
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Light bar headlamp

All-Around Head Torch Solution For

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Hard hat
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Professional. Certified. Innovative.

Source Hard Hat Headlamps From A Reputable Manufacturer

Maytown is at the forefront of innovation regarding LED flashlights. We have created a wide range of best LED lighting products since 2011, including led torches, helmet lights, and camping lanterns.

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We give shape and form to your envisioned packaging, structure, and other design elements.
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When taking on a large order, we take precautions to avoid problems while employing internal and external quality control teams.
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We handle every supply chain step, from sourcing raw materials to performing quality assurance checks on samples. This is to obtain the necessary certifications, manufacture on a large scale, and finally, package and deliver the finished goods.
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Every stage of production follows ISO9001 standards.
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Sample approval before production and delivery for every order.
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Table of Contents

What are hard hat headlamps?
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It's not safe to work in dim conditions, and there are times when using a flashlight is impractical. A high-quality hard hat light is the answer to working safely without sacrificing your hands. These lights can be clipped or strapped onto your hard hat to provide light wherever you happen to be working, be it a dark crawl space, an attic, or a mine.

Adjustable brightness, multiple lighting modes, and replaceable batteries are a few of the convenient features available on modern hard hat lights. Unlike headlamps, designed to be worn on the head, hard hat lights are meant to be attached to a hard hat.
What are the parts of hard hat headlamps?
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The two main components of a hard hat: are the outer shell and the inner suspension, or harness, which is constructed from molded bands of polyethylene (PE), vinyl, or nylon and woven strips of nylon webbing. This harness can be adjusted to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.
Types of Hard Hat Headlamps
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Built-In Batteries

Hard hats with built-in batteries can be charged and reused. If the battery dies and the light fades, reconnect it to an electrical outlet. As a bonus, they can help the user save money on batteries over time, making them an excellent option for frequent and prolonged use. One drawback is the waiting time involved in recharging the internal batteries.

Removable Batteries

Hard hat lights that run on batteries use lithium or alkaline batteries, which need to be replaced after each use because the brightness of the light decreases as the batteries run down. For infrequent users, removable batteries are preferable in a hard hat. If you want the light to remain on, it's essential to have a stockpile of spare batteries on hand.

Built-In Lights

The brim of some hard hats can be fitted with a light. Some models come with integrated LED lighting, while others feature accessory clips for attaching external illumination. Built-in lighting is preferable because it is steady and won't move around the workspace, making it safer for employees to do their jobs. While convenient, built-in lights have one major drawback: if the batteries die, the user will be left without a hat while the light is recharged if it is part of their helmet.
What to consider when buying a hard hat headlamp?
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Persistence of the Battery

Even though a hard hat light won't have to be on for an entire eight-hour shift, battery life is still an important factor to think about. It can be inconvenient to have to charge or replace the batteries daily. The best hard hat lights typically have battery lives of more than 30 hours, allowing you to turn them on and off for nearly an entire workweek. LED bulbs, which use less power, typically last the longest.


Most people and tasks only need a light with 200 to 300 lumens, but some bulbs can produce up to 1,000 lumens. The light produced by LED or CREE bulbs in hard hat lights is the brightest and most powerful compared to that produced by Krypton or halogen bulbs.


Even when a hard hat isn't required, many hard hat lights have straps or clips that allow them to be attached to the hat, baseball cap, or just around the user's head, allowing for hands-free work. A few models of hard hat lights come with dimmer switches and LEDs in various colors (red, green, blue, etc.). These tones are easier on the eyes, allowing you to go from a dark to a light space without suffering any short-term visual impairment.

Powered by a Rechargeable Battery

The lowest brightness setting can extend the life of rechargeable batteries by several hours. While some models boast battery lives of over 20 hours, recharging them may take as long as eight. In addition, most hard hat lights that use rechargeable batteries must be charged while still in the light. Make sure the light is detachable from the helmet to keep working while keeping your head safe.


Hard hats can become top-heavy in the front if equipped with particularly large or heavy lights, necessitating a tighter fit than ideal. The good news is that the best hard hat lights are lightweight. That is because LED bulbs have made them smaller and lighter than ever, with tiny AA and AAA battery sizes and a slim profile.

Some hard hat lights are designed to shine a narrow beam of light directly in front of the user, making it easier to see nearby objects and obstacles while working in a confined space; others are designed to illuminate a wider area.
Advantages of Hard Hat Lights
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Hard hats are safety helmets workers wear to protect their heads from injury in the event of a fall or debris that might fall on them.

Putting lights in your hat allows you to use both hands for the task at hand without sacrificing visibility. Most hard hat lights are battery-operated and feature flexible fabric straps for a secure and comfortable fit.

Maytown offers a wide selection of affordable headlamp options and thoroughly describes their features. Finding the perfect head torch for your needs on a factory site today.

There are even models that combine Xenon and LED bulbs. Hard hat lights typically feature xenon or LED bulbs, with the former preferred when a vital light source is required, and the latter used when less intensity is needed. Rubber straps made it easier to secure the lights to the hard hat. You can use either hand as you please, and the light won't keep falling out of the fixture.

A multi-angle pivoting head is included on some models of hard hat lights, making it simple to direct the beam precisely where needed. Hard hat lights are necessary when there is not a lot of natural light in the workplace. Another type of light that can be used in conjunction with the hard hat is the brimming light. Lightweight and bendable EVA foam is used to make brim lights, which are attached to various headgear with metal clips. Lights you can attach to the brim offer great versatility and a better field of vision than any traditional flashlight or headlamp.

Hard hat lights are versatile, both a necessary part of the construction or mining headgear and an essential part of camping and trekking gear. The mounting hardware with the vast majority of hard hat lights makes attaching them to virtually any headgear a breeze. A few models are watertight so that they can be used for deep sea diving and other aquatic pursuits. Most of these lights can shine brightly for up to 5 hours on a single set of batteries. The lights come in convenient bundles with the batteries already included.

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