OEM Service

Your Trusted Production Team in China

Maytown offers an effective OEM service that can help elevate your brand. We offer plenty of attractive options for your customized headlamp and flashlights.

In addition, we offer a complete package that includes access to our certified production facilities, our team's collaborative tools, leadership, and expertise.

Our rapid response time and state-of-the-art machinery and operations allow us to expertly assemble and deliver your quality LED headlights on time.

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How Do We Work With You?

From beginning to end, our team of experienced and dedicated engineers works closely and collaboratively with you to define an LED headlamp design that meets all of your needs.

Submit Your Design

Share your preferred concept for your LED headlamp via our contact channels. Please be sure to include even a rough specification for your headlamp flashlights, including desired lumen and beam distance.

Thoughtful Analysis

Our Maytown design team diligently checks your design specifications and determines improvements to be made to design elements before sampling.

Sample Molds

We create sample molds based on your LED headlamp design specifications. Once you approve your design, we will fabricate a sample mold for you to review.

Sample Prototype

Your LED headlight prototype is implemented and delivered within 7 business days enabling you to inspect the quality for yourself.

Trial Order

We can produce a small batch order of your headlamp light for quality testing. Small batch trial orders enable clients to review head torches and products before executing larger orders.

Contract of Cooperation

We ask that you sign a contract confirming your approval of the construction and quality of the LED headlamps before production on your order begins.

Mass Production

Once you've signed your contract, we begin producing your LED headlamp orders. Our modern manufacturing capabilities and equipment enable us to deliver within your expected deadline.

Logistics and Delivery

All completed LED headlamps are assembled and placed in their customized packaging. Your shipment is then safely placed within cargo containers for time-conscious delivery.

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We'll Do the Work for You!

Maytown is a quality headlamp & flashlight production factory. Our production and modern manufacturing facilities can handle all of your manufacturing needs.

Raw Material Control

Because we have a secure supply chain, we can quickly source aluminum, plastic, and other materials from reliable suppliers at competitive prices. Enjoy fair pricing on your LED flashlights.

LED Components Assembly

Essential parts, including LED chips, batteries, and other flashlight components, are manufactured in-house. This valuable service can save you money and factory manufacturing costs.

Logo Printing

Maytown also offers laser-printed logos for your headlamps and flashlights, or we can implement a structure redesign based on your specific needs. This extra service adds value to your product.


Submit your brand logos and artwork, and we will help create the packaging design of your LED flashlights. Our dedicated team of professional designers is ready to assist you.