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Tactical Flashlight Types

We thrive in resolving various customer challenges constructively. If you require a special flashlight collection, unique packaging, an urgent delivery, or any other assistance, our team is ready to provide effective services and save you money.

EDC tactical flashlight

EDC tactical flashlight

Everyday carry (or EDC) flashlights are portable, practical sources of light designed for professional use like home defense, search and rescue. Water resistance and drop protection are required for EDC tactical light.

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Full-size tactical flashlight

Full-size tactical flashlight

Full-size tactical flashlights appear like common, typical flashlights for police officers. They have a high lumen output and long beam distances. Their size and durable construction also make them an excellent tool for any situation.

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Flashlights Performance

Begin your Maytown flashlight project with a simple process, quickly and efficiently. We will assist you throughout the process if you need extra assistance.

Flexible Output

Best Lumens

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300 lumen
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350 lumen
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400 lumen
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500 lumen
check icon
800 lumen
check icon
900 lumen
check icon
1000 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
200 lumen
535 lumen
588 lumen
1200 lumen
1300 lumen
1400 lumen
1500 lumen
1600 lumen
1800 lumen
2000 lumen
2500 lumen
3000 lumen
4000 lumen
5000 lumen
6000 lumen
8000 lumen
High Quality Components

Branded LEDs


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XM-L2 U2 & U3
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Osram & Luminus LEDs

Power Style On Request

Battery Types

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

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Non-rechargeable batteries

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AA and AAA Alkaline batteries
OEM Capabilities

Multiple Uses

We make the best Tactical flashlights for:

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self defense
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search and rescue
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law enforcement
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police officers
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More Uses
home defense

Video of Manufacturing Process

Take a tour of Maytown's facilities. We welcome you to explore Maytown's modern manufacturing facilities and see how we operate and manufacture flashlight products to exact and high standards.

Learn the whole production process

Our Production Overview Of Top Rated Tactical Flashlights

Begin your Maytown flashlight project with a simple process, quickly and efficiently. We will assist you throughout the process if you need extra assistance.

led chips

Raw Materials Selection

We make sure that we never cut corners on materials and always use certified materials for each part of our flashlights.

flashlight cnc turing

CNC Turning

Moulds with unique dimensions are manufactured and customized precisely. You may share your idea or send us your sample directly.

flashlight assembly

Flashlight Assembly

The entire process is handled meticulously with ISO9001:2015 principles as our guides, from assembly to semi- and final product testing.

logo engraving

Custom Logo Engraving

OEM & ODM are always welcome. We are available to assist you if you have particular project requirements.

flashlight lumen test

Performance Test

We will conduct internal tests and support third-party inspection of the finished tactical led flashlight.

inspection before delivery

Inspection & Delivery

Our dedicated team handles each request and supervises the entire procedure, from quotation to shipment to your door.

Custom My Flashlight

Tactical Flashlights Gallery

Our success is determined by the originality of our ideas, skill in branding, manufacturing efficiency, and customers' contentment to become the undisputed leader in the lighting industry.

Why Choose Maytown

We ensure to meet our quality standards throughout flashlight production. Our factory has dedicated workshops with cutting-edge production equipment and calibrated testing tools.

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    Going from prototype to production
  • check icon
    Competitively pricing for serial production
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    ISO9001:2015, amfori BSCI certified manufacturing
  • check icon
    In-house quality management and lead time tracking
  • check icon
    Inspection report included in every order
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maytown engineer

Professional Ordering Process

Receive instant quote

Talk to us about your custom tactical flashlight needs, and get competitive quotes.

Confirm specs

Configure your flashlight performance and style, and select a delivery time that fits your schedule


We optimize manufacturing and proceed with your projects with efficiency and high standards.

Quality control

We fully incorporate quality management into production to meet your standards.


How We Inspect Custom made Flashlights

Maytown follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act (or PDCA) as one of our approaches to total quality management.

Step 1: Packaging Inspection
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Outer Case Cartons

Strict inspection of the outside cartons is done for quality checking. Up to 5 corrugated thicknesses are the usual layer thickness. We create the actual production box, complete with regulatory requirements and markings, and conduct a 1.2-meter drop test to detect external damage and deformation.
drop test

Inner Case Cartons

Inner boxes are opened to inspect for natural lighting or damage. After that, we proceed with preparing the matching internal box data.
flashlight packed in blister and inner box

Flashlight Package

We will check the correct package size, product fit, proper materials, grommet, and load weight.

Correct information of battery brand, size, and type, language translation of product information, logo, brand, and functionalities of the tactical flashlight is also checked here as it should be present on the package.
flashlight package

UPC Scan Test

The outer, inner, and unit case cartons undergo a UPC scan test. This test determines if the barcode information is correct for each packaging. We can see if the manufacturer's identification number, item number, and product description are valid in this process.
upc scan test
Step 2: Product Appearance
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Maytown's production operations make every effort to supply the finest quality tactical flashlights throughout every stage of the manufacturing or assembly procedure.

These quality checks include visual affirmation to guarantee the parts are in the right areas, have the right shape or variety or surface, and are liberated from any flaws like scratches, pinholes, foreign particles, etc.
flashlight appearance
Step 3: Tactical Performance Test
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Lumen testing measures the overall brightness of a flashlight. The determination of lux rating is from data measured at the light beam's center. It indicates how well the light is distributed over a distance.

The lumen is tested based on the chip, size, per time (30 seconds, 1 min, 2 min), intensity (low, mid, high), total intensity, electrical power, efficacy (lm/watt), color features, and angular dispersion of light are all evaluated for the completed light or samples.
lumen test

Discharge Time

Batter run time inspection is measured in hours—the flashlight's battery life. The discharged time is tested till 10% of the lumen is left.

Discharge Time is better represented as a graph that shows the luminance of the flashlight after a set period.
discharge time test


The range is the beam distance at which the lamp's light intensity drops to 0.25 lux under clear conditions is about the power of the light generated by the full moon.
beam distance test

Water Resistance

Measuring the water resistance is through the IPX rating system. Since flashlights are essential as they are used as a survival tool, they should withstand submergence occasionally.
water resistance test

Temperature Test

The battery is tested in Celsius and Fahrenheit at 0.5, 1, 10, and 30 intervals during the temperature test. The outside temperature cannot exceed 48 degrees Celsius.
temperature test

Battery Test

The battery test determines this is the mAh level of the flashlight. Maytown uses a voltmeter that calculates the battery's voltage level, which should match a specific charge level.
battery test
Step 4: Bulk Flashlights and Samples Comparison
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We compare actual products from the signed sample to ensure that the bulk products meet the quality standards and comply with the checkpoints, for example:

Accessory Dimensions

Front, Rear, Top, Base, Right, and Left sides inspection of accessories like additional clips or lanyards. The parts of the accessories and their functions are verified through this. Examples of checks are O-Ring, lens, light cup/reflector, the body part, process, and cosmetic appearance.


The button, position, focus beam (if applicable), focus tightness, water, and impact-resistant feature are tested in this process.

Product specification information

This process allows to thoroughly check the product information indicated on each packaging – outer cartons, case cartons, and unit packaging. As mentioned above, it should meet the packaging requirements. Hence, all information required is provided on the boxes and actual product packaging.

The Maytown Standard

Guaranteed ordering experience, every time.

Detailed Specifications

Detailed Specifications

We have several led flashlight categories to support you in saving time and effort when shopping for products, guaranteed to provide you with the best services that cater to your needs.

flex moq

Low Minimum Order Quantity

We have a flexible MOQ that we can tailor to your project's specific requirements. Our MOQ starts at 1,000 pcs, giving you the most freedom in testing the market.

value for money

Excellent Value for Money

Maytown is here to help you save money on your project expenses and increase your profits by providing the best quotes for our high-performance led flashlights.

precise manufacturing

Focus and Expertise

Our exclusive focus is on the research and development of led flashlight and headlamp. It allows us to improve its quality and performance while also providing professional lighting options.

fast delivery

Quick Delivery

We understand the value of time in each of our clients' projects. We will always commit to timely deliveries through strategic production.

5 year warranty

5-Year Warranty

Our warranty covers any concerns you may have about our flashlights and includes quick replacements when necessary.

From Flashlight Prototyping To Production

no risk production

Rapid prototyping

Maytown offers lightning-fast flashlight sampling with its automated in-house equipment. We are a great option for time-sensitive projects.

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    Instant quotes
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    Interactive quotes with custom style and performance
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    Real-time manufacturing and shipment tracking

We will create a molded sample based on your image or sample, send it to you for review, and modify the structure as needed until it is precisely what you want.

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quality management

Production without risk

Our production team is committed to ensuring all led tactical flashlights you order are delivered on time and fulfill your quality expectations.

  • check icon
    First Article Inspection before mass production
  • check icon
    High-precision machining for every specific model
  • check icon
    Material test reports are available on request

Select Maytown as your one-stop solution for manufacturing your custom tactical flashlights; we ensure every order runs smoothly and on time.

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How Maytown compares to traditional flashlight companies

Maytown provides top-tier turnkey manufacturing to wholesalers and brand owners to help them fulfill their flashlight needs:

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    We have an incredible range of capabilities for different types of torch light - far more than most flashlight factories in China.
  • check icon
    Our quotes are offered promptly - get in touch with us for any quotes at any time without feeling guilty.
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    No hidden expense - all costs are included in our quotes; we always commit to the prices offered.
  • check icon
    Low limits on order quantity - we can start from one-off sample order to millions of flashlights.
  • check icon
    We take advantage of worldwide led parts supply chains to guarantee competitive pricing on every order.


What's your MOQ?
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Our MOQ is 1,000pcs to start.
Do you offer samples for free?
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Sure, We are glad to provide free samples for quality checks. You only need to cover a small batch of the express fee.
What is your advantage?
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We are good at achieving the highest brightness, most extended battery runtime, and longest beam distance by using cost-effective components.
Does your factory make OEM&ODM orders?
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We have our designers for product design and 3 experienced structural engineers for new product development.
Can a tactical flashlight be modified?
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Yes, a tactical flashlight can be modified to fit the user's needs.

Many aftermarket parts and accessories can add to a led torch light to change its function or appearance. Some common modifications include adding a filter, changing the switch, or adding a diffuser.

However, it's essential to note that not all improvements are possible. It's best to consult the manufacturer before customizing a torch light. Wholesalers or importers can change the logo by adding a sticker over it or using engraving.

One important thing to consider when modifying a tactical flashlight is the type of battery it uses. Some batteries are not implied to be used with certain types of modifications.
What test machine do you have?
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We have a lumen dome, beam distance testing instrument, battery testing instrument, etc.
What is a tactical flashlight used for?
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Tactical flashlights are favorites among law enforcement, military, and other professional users. These ultra-durable flashlights are ready for action with extremely bright outputs and simple controls. USB-C charging ports with rechargeable batteries and built-in power level displays are standard on our tactical LED flashlights.

They run for 350 hours at their low setting, given that these tiny tactical flashlights are highly energy-efficient. For varied usage situations such as patrol, roadside emergency, search and rescue, and more, our police flashlights feature 3-5 brightness settings for various uses.

These flashlights with security features are made of a high-strength material that can break through the glass in a single motion. They're the ideal choice for regular carry because of their pleasant style.
flashlight for security
What is the best tactical flashlight?
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A tactical flashlight can be used as a self-defense weapon or search the dark.

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know which flashlight is suitable for you and your customers. That's why we've created this guide – to help make your decision easier. We want you to have the best possible experience with your new tactical flashlight, which starts with making the right choice.
collection of tac flashlights

Key takeaways: how to choose the best tactical flashlight:

  • check icon
    When it comes to tactical lights, the higher the lumens, the better.
  • check icon
    The modes you'll use most frequently, such as strobe and turbo, should be simple to access.
  • check icon
    This is another vital element: light colour, type, and intensity. The right-sized light for you will assist you in performing more fluidly and confidently.
  • check icon
    Extra outputs, such as red, green, or UV light illumination, are often included in tactical lights for added versatility.
  • check icon
    Because of the need for excellent tactical illumination, your light must be water-resistant and resistant to drops.
How bright should a tactical flashlight be?
arrow down

Brighter is better

You'll love the 1800 lumens of bright light from our powerful tactical flashlights!

There's no better option than an intense beam when you need to see over long distances. Whether for regular traffic stops or looking at targets while hunting, all your efforts will be more straightforward with its 1000 lumen peak brightness rating (which has now been pushed up even higher).
tactical flashlight output
What is a lumen?
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A lumen is a measure of the amount of light.

Lumens are crucial since they quantify the amount of light produced by the flashlight. The more lumen, the brighter the flashlight. However, there is something else to consider when choosing a different lumen.

How far the light will travel is also essential. This light is measured in beam distance and is affected by the type of reflector used in the flashlight. But remember, the further the beam distance, the more batteries are needed to power the flashlight.
flashlight lumen
How bright is a 1000 lumen flashlight?
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A 1000-lumen flashlight is a powerful torch light that can emit a bright light up to 200 meters away.

These flashlights are typically powered by 18650 lithium-ion batteries and can emit a high brightness level.

This type of flashlight is ideal for emergencies or when you need to see something from a far distance. These flashlight models usually have different modes, including SOS and strobe.

The battery on a 1000-lumen flashlight is crucial to get the maximum runtime out of the light. The higher the mAh, the longer the runtime you will get from the flashlight. Most 18650 batteries powered up around 1800maH to 3500 MaH for definitive long runtimes.

However, these flashlights can drain even the best batteries in hours on high mode. Because of this, it's important to use lower power modes when possible to extend battery life.

The strobe modes can be used to disorient an attacker. The SOS mode emits a light pattern recognized by professional search and rescue teams. If you are lost in the woods or caught in an emergency, the SOS mode can signal for help.

In addition to being an efficient light source, the 1000-lumen flashlight can also be a self-defense tool. Most of these flashlights are made from aluminum, which is highly durable and can withstand tough weather conditions.
How many lumens do I need for a flashlight?
arrow down

Everyday Tasks (1-300 Lumen)

You need a few lumens if you're reading the book or looking for anything in the garage.

Higher lumens are not very demanding for your eyes; the excessive lumen can still harm your eyes during daily tasking. Choose a flashlight with fewer than 300 lumens for these basic tasks if your flashlight is going to be used for just a few minutes at a time.
Everyday Tasks flashlight

Outdoor Use (300-1000 Lumen)

You'll want something between 300 and lumens for outdoor activities like camping or hiking. This range will allow you to see clearly in the dark without putting too much strain on your eyes.

Although more expensive, these higher lumen flashlights with high capacity 18650 batteries will last longer and be more durable.
outdoor use flashlight

For Worklight (1000-1500 lumen)

The different job requires different light. A lower lumen is enough if you need a flashlight for general purposes. But if you need a flashlight for specific jobs such as identifying things, the technical task at night, or long-range spotting, you'll need a flashlight with a high lumen count.

The lumen count from 1000 to 1500 is powerful enough for most specific jobs. So, if you have a specific job that needs a flashlight, go for at least 1000 lumens.

For Hunting, Law & Military (1250-2500 lumen flashlight)

You'll want a flashlight with even more power for law enforcement, military applications, emergency needs, and hunting. A good rule of thumb is choosing a flashlight with at least 1250 lumens.

A flashlight with 2500 lumens or more will give you the brightness and long-distance beam you need in these situations.
tactical flashlight

For Search & Rescue, a 3000+ lumen flashlight

One of the critical applications for a flashlight is searched and rescue. In these situations, you need a powerful and bright flashlight that can illuminate a large area.

A flashlight with 3000+ lumens will be bright enough to light up a wide area and help you find lost people or objects.
What to look for in a tactical flashlight?
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Size and feel

Tactical flashlights are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some tactical lights have handles that you can wrap your hand around, while others offer more extended grip improvement with 2x 18650 batteries for those who need it most! There is something to fit every preference, from the compact diameter 1" tube design to 6 inches long, so make sure this matters when purchasing yours today!.

Tac lights are designed to give you the most versatility when downing your target. The tactical ring allows for more stability and grip while still allowing Tac Flashlights a sleek look in any situation!
tactical flashlight on hand

Shortcuts to key modes

There are several factors to consider when it comes time for you to decide how bright your tactical light should be. You don't want the lamp shining full force in an area where there might have been dark, just as much as you do not wish to turn on turbo and only receive 1 lumen from a self-defence scenario - which can get very handy during power outages!

Maytown tactical flashlights are designed with fast access modes so you can quickly turn your light on and off or change its brightness. For example, our Shortcut for Turbo mode is press once; Strobe: two presses in quick succession (effective at close range).

We also include a memories function that restores the previous setting when turning it back ON again after using another function-a great way to ensure consistent output!
flashlight modes
What other outputs should a tactical flashlight have?
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Secondary outputs

A tool that can do more than one thing is a must-have for any professional. Whether you're in law enforcement or want to protect your home, it's crucial to have the right equipment and know how each function works as well! That's why tactical lights come equipped with various colours and UV emitters, so they'll always be able to help identify what type of threat (or prey) awaits ahead while remaining hidden from sight themselves.

Consider an alternate colour LED as one of the many elements on your tactical flashlight. It's a welcome addition and can cut down the need for numerous flashlights in the kit!
red mode flashlight
Should we have a waterproof tactical flashlight?
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Definitely Yes

A reliable and durable tactical flashlight is a must-have for any professional who relies on their work to keep them safe at night. You don't want the weather getting in your way of completing assignments, so make sure you find one with an IP68 or higher rating that can withstand rainstorms!

You may not think of it as a weapon, but your flashlight is one of the essential tools in any survival situation! The Tac light has an internal battery that needs protection from water, and its cover should be sealed for maximum durability.
tactical flashlight on hand
What are Maytown tactical flashlights' advantages?
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Born to use

Maytown's reputation for excellence is built through years of trial and error.

Our engineers rely on tactical users to develop flashlights that work in actual-life situations. These versatile tools are ideal for soldiers, police officers, and security experts worldwide, with self-defense and weapon mounting features, one-handed interfaces, and silent switches.


It is critical to ensure that your light will turn on every time you need it.

Maytown creates all of its lights with ultra-durable materials like stainless steel and military-grade anodized aluminum. Thanks to the precision-made parts, waterproof construction, and cutting-edge technology, you can be confident that these lights will operate well when needed.


Maytown flashlights have some of the brightest outputs available. Whether clearing a space, blinding an attacker, or walking the campground, our torches offer you a brilliant beam to get the job done.


It's also vital to have a comfortable flashlight to carry on your belt, vest, or pocket. Some flashlights come with poor pocket clips that may be readily bent if caught.

The ergonomic design of a Maytown Tactical Flashlight undergoes significant study. It must be comfy and offer a firm grip when used actively. It is incredibly tough to strike this equilibrium, but Maytown flashlights strike the perfect compromise.


Some less-than-ideal tactical lights might have exciting features, but they may not be effective with their power source. What good is a flashlight that can only shine for 10 minutes at High? This is where the internal components of a Maytown flashlight's quality shine through.


Before the invention of portable power, many flashlights did not have a recharge port. Users would have to remove the battery, put it in a charger, and then reinsert it into the light. Because their department only gives them CR123 batteries, some police departments utilize CR123 batteries with their work lights.

Many tactical lighting gadgets are rechargeable, eliminating parasitic battery drain and waterproofing concerns. Professional users are increasingly turning to rechargeable flashlights.
Tactical vs. Regular Flashlights
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A led tactical light is usually much smaller than an ordinary flashlight. It makes it easy to carry and conceal.

Another difference is the type of switch. A tactical flashlight usually has a momentary switch, allowing quick and easy use. A regular flashlight usually has a twist-on or push-button switch, which can be challenging to use in a fast-paced situation.

Tactical lights also have a higher output than traditional flashlights. This means that they are brighter and can illuminate a larger area.

Finally, tactical led torches usually have a more rugged design than regular flashlights. This makes them more durable and able to withstand harsh conditions.
What are the parts of a tactical flashlight?
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Many different components make up a flashlight, including:

  • check icon
  • check icon
    Led chip
  • check icon
  • check icon
  • check icon
    Head/Led housing
  • check icon
  • check icon
    Battery compartment
  • check icon
    Pocket clip
  • check icon
    Tail cap
  • check icon
    Pocket clip
  • check icon
  • check icon
  • check icon
    Lanyard attachment
flashlight parts
The body, head, and tail cap are the main parts of the flashlight. They are usually constructed of aluminum or steel.

The flashlight's critical parts are the reflector, LED, and driver. The reflector is what reflects the light from the LED and magnifies it. The LED is the light source, while the driver is what powers the LED. These three elements work jointly to create a powerful beam of light. The battery is also one of the essential parts because without a battery flashlight won't work.

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