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Maytown is your leading flashlight manufacturer that provides fully integrated manufacturing services to wholesalers and brands, meeting their handheld flashlight needs. ANSI FL1 Standards, CE Compliant.


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12 years of experience in cost control & production

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Sourcing Handheld Flashlights From Maytown

With our vanguard craftsmanship, Maytown provides worldwide industry coverage while constantly pushing the boundaries of our expertise to produce high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective handheld flashlights.

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Multifunctional and Wide application

It must be easy to carry around and function adequately for various outdoor activities, including trekking, camping, fishing, hunting, or even household use.
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High Capacity Batteries

Handheld flashlights from Maytown have rechargeable batteries. It is powered by a built-in 18650 battery with a high capacity and a USB port. This feature allows you to recharge your device quickly and easily. A perfect companion anywhere you are.
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Long-range illumination

When it comes to search and rescue handheld flashlights, nothing beats an LED torch with high lumen output and a long throw range. Maytown's high-lumen flashlights include extremely long-distance with ultra-high luminous flux.
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Maytown - Engineer Machining Flashlight Parts

Delivering The Best Handheld Flashlights In The Market

We manufacture high-quality LED flashlights and headlamps that are meticulously engineered at our own factory using the best materials available. It combines extreme durability with sophisticated style, a wide range of cost-effective lighting options, and a broad array of functionalities to enhance customer satisfaction.

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Skillful Manpower and Advanced Technology

Every flashlight we create is skillfully crafted using the latest CNC machining technology and afterward hand-assembled by our talented craftspeople. Our attention to detail, precision, and reputation for quality goes a long way toward making Maytown flashlights the best.
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Design Your Own Flashlight

You can get the brightest, most powerful handheld flashlight with Maytown. Because of our OEM and ODM capabilities, we can make your flashlights any way you want. We'll lead the way to bring your flashlights visions to life!
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12 Years Expertise

We have a proven track record of success spanning the past twelve years in cost management, trend forecasting, developing new products, and supply chain management. You can trust us to fulfill any future handheld flashlight needs you may have.

Superior Quality Handheld Flashlights

We have more than ten years of experience developing, designing, and manufacturing handheld flashlights while concentrating on and meeting customer needs. Our careful procedures are the result of our well-deserved reputation.

Reliable, Cost-Effective Raw Materials of Handheld Flashlight

Reliable, Cost-Effective Raw Materials

The raw materials selection is our first step in delivering the best flashlights. We uphold the highest standards by choosing innovative, long-lasting, and cost-efficient materials.

Flashlight design, develop, manufacture - Maytown

Design, Develop, Manufacture

We'll help you turn your ideas into your own brand. We'll work closely with you throughout the conceptualization and production process to deliver market-leading handheld flashlights and services.

Led torch CNC Turning

High Precision CNC Turning

We use CNC turning machines for our flashlight's body. Molds with unique dimensions can be quickly and easily produced using our advanced technology.

complete flashlight assembly - Maytown

Complete Flashlight Assembly

We perfected inserting, sequencing, turning and assembling every part of our flashlights by following standard quality control.

handheld flashlight testing

Flashlight Testing

Our samples and final products are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet our high standards before they are shipped to our clients.

Maytown Support Team

Customer Support Services

Maytown is here for you every step of the way. Our staff will attend to all your requests from inspection to delivery.

Custom My Handheld Flashlight

We Supply A Broad Selection of Flashlights

As a leader in the flashlight industry, we focus solely on our continuous innovation, strong brand identity, high productivity, and our satisfied customers.

The Making of High-Quality Flashlight

A reliable and innovative handheld flashlight is a must-have. Whether you're sourcing led torches for work or tactical use, Maytown has your back no matter what types you need.

Flexible Output

Best Lumens

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300 lumen
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350 lumen
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400 lumen
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500 lumen
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800 lumen
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900 lumen
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1000 lumen
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View more OEM light output options for different activities
200 lumen
535 lumen
588 lumen
1200 lumen
1300 lumen
1400 lumen
1500 lumen
1600 lumen
1800 lumen
2000 lumen
2500 lumen
3000 lumen
4000 lumen
5000 lumen
6000 lumen
8000 lumen
High Quality Components

Branded LEDs


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XM-L2 U2 & U3
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Osram & Luminus LEDs

Power Style On Request

Battery Types

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

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Non-rechargeable batteries

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AA and AAA Alkaline batteries
OEM Capabilities

Multiple Options

Different types of handheld flashlights:

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USB rechargeable
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Everyday carry
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Big or small

Factory Overview

Explore how Maytown manages every step of the LED flashlight production process and delivers your order promptly and within your specified budget.

Take a tour of how we operate:

Check the whole production process

Why Choose Maytown

Igniting and dominating the global flashlight market with goods of the finest caliber, superior illumination, and exceptional customer support.

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    We are a prime flashlight manufacturer with top-of-the-class production lines.
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    Lean production for quality and timely delivery.
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    We have a state-of-the-art flashlight manufacturing facility with higher levels of precision machining and assembly.
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    The Maytown factory has ISO9001:2015 and amfori BSCI certifications and follows the ANSI FL1 Standards.
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    We follow a systematized process that ensures the quality of our raw materials, samples, and finished products.
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Smooth Order Management

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Inquire and get your complete quotes within 12 hours. No hidden charges.

Confirm Your Specs

Approve and confirm your sample, specs, and logo and let us know your desired delivery time


We complete your requests instantly utilizing high-tech equipment and qualified staff.

Quality control

Throughout the course of production and inspection, we strictly adhere to the protocol set forth by our certifications.


The Maytown Standard

We constantly work to enhance our manufacturing facility's capabilities to produce industry-leader led torches.

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Research & Development

We integrate our manufacturing concepts and methods with those of our partners and international flashlight and headlamp industry research. This lets us produce trendy, efficient torches.

value for money

Quick and Tailored Service

We assign a team for each project, and they make sure that everything goes as planned - from the quotation to the delivery.

precise manufacturing

Low Order Quantity Requirement

The flashlights at Maytown are long-lasting and reasonably priced. Maytown has a low minimum order quantity of 1,000 flashlight pieces, which is perfect if you're starting a flashlight business.

Detailed Specifications

Custom Flashlight Design

You have the freedom to conceptualize your flashlight project.  Our designers and engineers will help you identify and accomplish design concepts and provide speedy prototypes, molds, samples, and finished products.

fast delivery

On-time delivery

We pack our flashlights with great care and expertise. We monitor individual delivery orders to ensure attention and punctuality. You can choose the best shipping method that best suits your needs.

5 year warranty

After-Sales Assistance

Whether it's sample creation or product return, we are here to assist you with any issues or questions. An on-site staff member will check our production process with you and address any problems.

Custom Handheld Flashlights from Concept to Production

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation

Maytown is the ideal partner for any flashlight project. Our continuous innovation and deeply entrenched competence have developed over a decade in the flashlight industry.

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    Personalization opportunities
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    In-depth consumer-focused design
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    Advanced engineering

Make our brand stand out with the help of our OEM and ODM services. We are a skilled and experienced flashlight manufacturer that can fulfill your requirements.

Talk to our specialist
Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality control is a core competency of our business, and we have a dedicated division devoted solely to it. Quality control and manufacturing departments work together throughout the entire process, from production to inspecting and packaging.

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    ISO9001:2015 and amfori BSCI certifications
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    Full led torch inspection before delivery
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    Accurate data inspection report

Choose Maytown as your handheld flashlight vendor. On-time and within-budget delivery of high-quality flashlights is our area of expertise.

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Road To Becoming A Flashlight Industry Leader

We, at Maytown, provide global coverage of the flashlight with our cutting-edge artisanry. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Maytown has been supplying customized flashlights to big and small brands for the past 12 years.

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    We serve a broad spectrum of different markets.
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    We have the ability to work with a wide range of clients, from small, local wholesalers to global brands.
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    We've got a good eye for flashlights and headlamps. We are endowed with imaginative capacities that enable us to bring any idea to a successful product.
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    We offer comprehensive support across the board, from concept to execution.
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    Maytown is a company characterized by a combination of truthfulness, experience and knowledge, and a dedication to providing exceptional customer service.


How many pieces to start?
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Customized branding and design at 1,000 pcs minimum.
Do I need to pay for the handheld flashlight samples?
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No. Our samples are FREE. You will only shoulder the shipping/delivery fee.
Why should I choose you as a flashlight supplier?
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We can help you design and get the best handheld LED flashlights. Our flashlights have high lumens, are long-lasting, and are built to last. We provide a full-circle service experience, so you don't have to worry about a thing from quotation to delivery.
Can I have a custom design flashlight?
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Yes! You have complete creative control over your flashlight design. Printing of your company's logo is also acceptable.
What kind of testing equipment do you use?
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Our commitment to you doesn't end with the delivery of eye-catching flashlights. Everything in our lab is connected to its performance, and we have the following resources at its disposal:
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    Integrating sphere for luminous flux measurement
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    Battery testers archive
  • check icon
    Temp and humidity test chamber
  • check icon
    Key life test machine
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    Drop test machine
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    X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometers

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