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Rechargeable Led Head Lamp

  • Light Output (High): 1000 LM
  • Light Output (Low): 300 LM
  • Run Time (High): 3 H
  • Run Time (Low): 5 H
  • Beam Distance (High): 200 M
  • Beam Distance (Low): 60 M
  • ‎‎Battery: 18650*2, USB Charging
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How do you clone a template from the Showcase?

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Headlamp flashlight manufacturing process

flashlight manufacturing process

How are led flashlights manufactured?

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This product is an extremely powerful, sturdy, waterproof, and rechargeable headlight with reliable and long-lasting components. The light fitting has a rotation angle of 90 degrees and pivots up, down, and forward, providing lighting in multiple directions depending on your needs. You can quickly pivot the lighting attachment up to view overhead objects, down to view objects beneath you, or forward to see things in the distance more clearly. It comes with 3 lighting modes: low brightness, medium illumination, and high brightness. This model is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities such as caving, camping, nighttime or early morning excursions, and many other activities. The elasticized headband is comfortable to wear and easily be worn and removed. The headlamp has an intense 1000 lumens beam and is suited to search and rescue operations for up to 180-minute durations. The 300 lumens brightness can last up to 300 minutes in the low output setting! Once the charge is exhausted, the headlamp can be easily charged via the integrated USB charging port located on the battery casing.
  • The headlamp has 3 available light settings: low light, medium light, and high light.
  • The headlight is waterproof, and the elasticized headband is easy to place on the head, adjustable for comfort, and easy to remove on and off.
  • The fitted headlight can be rotated up to 90 degrees, pivoting up, down, and forward for visibility above, below, and directly forward. The 1000 lumens high beam distance projects light up to a 200-meter distance, and the 300 lumens low beam projects light up to a 60-meter distance.
  • The headlamp is ideal for all indoor and outdoor activities and suitable for low ambient light to no ambient light conditions.
  • It is the perfect headlamp for any outdoor activity, including camping trips, fishing, trail running, cycling, and jogging.
  • This headlamp is suitable for indoor use, especially in dark crawl spaces, attics, or spaces with limited light penetration, such as caves or underground basements.
  • The light has a long-lasting low light run time of up to 5 hours and a 3-hour run time while on a high setting. The light beam distance on the high setting is 200 meters and 60 meters on the low setting.
  • The 18650*2 batteries are charged via a conveniently positioned USB port.
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We are one cohesive team dedicated to bringing you quality led flashlights & headlamps that perform well in the market. We begin with your input and direction, and then we apply our manufacturing know-how and expertise to get your product successfully to market collaboratively.

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Raw Material Inspector

We source quality raw materials and accessories and are mindful of the cost and time spent for production.

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Maytown Designer

We take your ideas and transform them into well-designed, marketable, and functional headlamps & flashlights.

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Our facility and state-of-the-art equipment positively contribute to our products' professional appearance and function.

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Delivery Manager

Maytown's quality manufacturing and delivery services will give you an advantage over your competitors.

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Maytown is a professional led headlamps & flashlights manufacturer behind the world's best light brands.

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12 Years experience in cost control, trends forecast, new items development & supply chain management.


OEM & ODM are always welcome. We ensure the correct product at the right quality point with our SOP for manufacturing.

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One-stop solution for supplying led headlamps & flashlights across the wide range of brightness, beam distance, etc.


We have rich experience in serving top branded lighting customers and supermarkets buyers.

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Thanks to the Maytown Team, they always take part in our orders follow-up, product testing & inspection effectively. Developing new items between them and our designer is fantastic.

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Professional Assembly

We check the components of our headlamps routinely.

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Passionate Designer

Give us your design or even an idea, and we could make it true.

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Sop For Manufacturing

We strictly follow BSCI and ISO9001 standards.

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Quality Management

We integrate QC & QA team for quality management.


Customers enjoy a great cooperation experience with us and keep high repeat order business!

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ISO 9001:2015



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Maytown leads the product development and marketing teams to ensure customers' successful sales. We have whole experience developing entirely new designs without fierce competition for you.

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